First college trek

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 HiLet me start my personal blog with my experience from a recent trek.

                            RNSIT Mountaineering club Trekking was started in 2002. As a farewell trek for the 2007-2011 batch, a trek to the Rangaswamy hills was organized on May 8th 2011. I loved exploring the nature (for which dad always supported me since my childhood) and since it was the final semester, I dint want to miss out any activities in college. Some of my friends agreed to sweat with me on the trek.

                 The bus to the feet of the hill started moving from the RNSIT campus. We stopped by at Adigas restaurant to pack for lunch. We bagged enough eatables (which proved more than enough later). The 60 km journey was quite entertaining. We got down at a place close by the hills. We got ready to conquer the hill with a cap and bag (loaded with our lunch which turned out to be very heavy later). We were given advices for the climb, by the club heads. Not to drink water frequently, no eatables, etc.

                  HappyI was quite confident about the climb, as I loved it and had experienced some with my family earlier. Finally we started climbing after a pic at the base. First few arpents were comfortably done. But unfortunately this didn’t continue for long. Soon I felt the bag I carried too heavy. Started sweating profusely, was damn tired already! We constantly took small breaks. The club heads were misguiding us with wrong information about the % age of total climb (that helped a lot though!). The trekkers stopped for a long break on a rock after sometime. This was very helpful as it reenergized us. We set again for nothing but to tire ourselves more and more. The hill got steeper as we climbed. It was really very Dizzy and faintingdifficult and tiresome. I felt that I almost reached my critical stage. But still I was determined to finish it, and hence kept moving with more frequent breaks. Even though we had finished 90% of the climb, club heads said it was still half way. But when my friend shouted from the top that it was over, I hurried through the last few steps to reach the HEAVEN and was so relieved,Happy hands ufffff!!! the tiresome, painful tread was over. I was ecstatic! But the experience we had while climbing can never be forgotten: songs by the singers, cries from the tired, motivators, etc, truly an unforgettable experience.Was mesmerized by the picturesque nature all along the way. It was a 5km climb which took around 2 and half hours!

                 The temple stood amidst the beautiful, breezy surrounding. I was taken aback by the beauty of Mother Earth. Soon two of them climbed a mango tree, started showering mangoes on all the trekkers. I really enjoyed having those mangoesMango. I had hardly had any just-plucked mangoes earlier.  We started exploring the place with frequent clicks on my cell and a friend’s digicam. Sitting at the edge of the cliff, imitated the Redeemer at Rio de Janeiro, and many more poses. There were ongoing photoshoots all over the place. We sat down for lunch Food-picnicon the rock where we enjoyed the food gastrically and nature visually. All the trekkers joined for a get together and enjoyed various performancesSinging including dance, rap, etc. Finally, after enjoying the final view point we set to the base.

Downhill was much easier compared to the climb! Bags were quite empty. One of the funniest things was, every time someone slipped, juniors sang “Jane nahiiii denge tujhe”. Even though we were on the right path, we felt like following wrong path sometimes as we had totally forgotten about the route we took to climb! With a bit of a headache we managed to finish it within 1.5 hours! We were offered Frooti and jackfruit in the bus at the base.The bus started off to college. Antakshari was going on. As I am very bad with lyrics I hardly participated except rare shoutings for the words which I knew. It was quite dark on reaching the college but our souls were lit up with an awesome unmatchable lifetime experience.

Nikhil Navali

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5 thoughts on “First college trek

  1. veena reddy

    nice article ..stumbled upon it by mistake 😛 ..was a good read..glad u’l enjoyed it : )

    • nikhilnavali

      Good that u stumbled on the right page 🙂 Tks

      • ka

        hey hwz rnsit?is it worth taking cse der??mvit cse r rnsit cse??

      • Nikhil Navali

        Teaching is good at RNSIT. Lecturers are very helpful. You have to decide based on placement.

  2. ka

    so den whi 1 do u suggest me amng dos 2

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