Red stadium !!!

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For the first time I was in at the Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bangalore to watch a cricket match on 22nd May 2011. It was a battle between RCB (\m/) vs CSK ! A crucial match for RCB since winning it would secure its position among the top 2 in the DLF IPL 2011 playoffs. The euphoria was awesome. The Mexican wave, Mexican Wave frequent kannada songs, funny comments were an icing on the cake. I could capture many glimpses of this cuz I had smuggled my digicam in. More than the match, enjoyed the activities around. We joined the crowd in firing endless comments on CSK’s poor batting. I came up with a new name for them with regard to their batting, Chennai Single Kings!!!Gayle’s sixes were an awesome show! The ball rushing towards us like a fierce meteoroid was a priceless watch indeed!!! A li’l disappointed though since the ball fell twice only 10 m short from us! The stadium was filled with vibrant RED! Not to forget, RCB won!!!!! Tuzky dance Thanks to Aditya for inviting me. Had gr8 fun!!!

Nikhil Navali

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