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Somanahalli was the place. Yes. The place where RappellingRappelling was going to be held on 19th Nov 2011.

But, all thanks to the lady who sent us out from that place due to some permission issues that came under the Forest department. The thanks aint sarcastic at all! Want to know why? Read on…

Bangalore Mountaineering Club arrange adventure trips on weekends. Searched their website for the trips arranged and found the Rappelling activity interesting, I hadn’t done it before! That set me all excited! Rappelling is the controlled descent down a rock face using a rope.

I was happy that their pick-point was very near to my place. They had arranged for a mini bus. I got to know the crowd en-route and found that there were people from three nations. IndiaIndia Flag, GermanyGermany flag and FinlandFinland flag. There was a 5th std kid too! It was good to know them all. We had breakfast on the way and reached the base of a mountain that we had to climb to reach the rappelling spot. The sight of the rock disappointed me! It seemed as though the rock was installed on a flat base particularly for Rappelling. I wanted it to be natural and scary enough for an adrenaline rush. The mountain wasn’t high enough. As soon as the instructors started installing the necessary fixtures, a lady with a stern face Angry faceentered the scene, asked us to vacate the place as it came under the Forest Department and mentioned that the club guys hadn’t taken their permission! We had to leave the place and our instructor told us that we ll go to another place called Raavgodlu. I was ecstatic on hearing this as I had read about Raavgodlu earlier on the net. We reached the base of the next mountain and started climbing. This peak was much higher and exciting than the previous one. We moved higher, obviously clicking pictures now and then. I made a new friend, Nirmalya.  Fortunately he had a digicam with him. That saved me from clicking pics on my low res phone camera. The trek was amazing; we walked over all different terrains. Low and high grass, rocks, etc. The rocks were cut at some places. That made those places very very steep!

We reached some point and the instructor started searching for the right place for Rappelling. As it would take some time, I asked Nirmalya to accompany me to the peak. The route to the peak was more than exciting. Making way through the shrubs and bushes, and jumping from one rock to another. My eyes were thanking me for treating them with nature’s beauty which was far far better than the laptop screenTypingthey had witnessed throughout the week! Clicked some nice pics on the peak and went to the action point – Rappelling. The rock was about 70 feet high. There was a three layered safety arranged by the instructor. We had to wear the harnesses and gloves. One by one people took the courage to rappel. Though it was difficult for the 5th std kid, he completed the activity twice! It was much easier than it seemed. Its scary only for the initial few steps and everything becomes easy once you are parallel to the ground. It was simple, pull the rope from left hand and leave it from the right. The only worst part at this place was the loose mud which made the initial step slippery. The first time, everyone did a backward rappelling (facing the sky). The German was interested in forward rappelling; this was facing the ground which is much more frightening as you will be facing the height. Even I wanted to try and held my heart for it. It was a much better experience. Girls were stopped amidst rappelling and were made to sing songs! As the control was in instructor’s hand, he refused to release the rope until they sang! I just enjoyed nature’s scenic beauty until everyone was done. Oranges were distributed, which aided to both, our thirst and hunger! After this, everyone started for the peak. At the peak, it was the German who showed some good rock climbing skills. After a while, we descended to the base. God was waiting for our safe return. We visited the temple at the base.

So, now you know why I thanked that lady who sent us away from the previous place! If it was not for her I would have never been involved in such an awesome trek and the adrenaline emptying Rappelling! Thanks to my Woodland shoes. Shoes Two treks on it already and still running fine! We had lunch under a tree that day. It was more like inside the tree! There was a shadowy place in between the roots hanging from the tree. There was a group pic taken at the end and we started back to Bangalore. I was happy that I decided to trek, rappel than relax during the weekend.

Before 20/10/2011:

I would get up lazily around 9 every morning, get ready, rush to office, return home after dinner, go online, sleep………. Days were monotonous barring the weekends!

From 20/10/2011:

I get up around 6.30 every morning, go joggingJogging, breathe in fresh air, bathe myself in the morning sun, return home, read paper, tidy my room, start my day with energy, enthusiasm and essentially, with a smile! 🙂

Noticed the date from when I started jogging???? The same day Namma Metro was launched in Bangalore. From then on, my days have been different. Everyday feels special.
It all started with a sense of guilt. I had indulged in food for three straight daysEating and my big tummy had started grinning wider than my lips!!!Wink I decided to put an end to this. I am a big time foodie and I had decided long back that, whatever may happen I won’t stop eating, but will instead exercise and burn the excess calories. So, that was it. I started jogging along the outline of the Bellandur Lake. The magnificent lake view at daybreak is a treat to the eye. I did have to bear with body ache initially, but all is well now. It helps me stay energetic throughout the day, keeps me fit, and gives me a sound sleep at night. Now I have 3 hours of quality time for myself every morning before I leave for office. That is when my mind is fresh and can think through things clearly. I found a new friend from then on, and that is me… I spend my time with myself. Believe me guys, the change is inexplicable. Try it for a week and feel the difference. Hoping to continue with the same for years to come. Want to be too fit to quit!

Nikhil Navali

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