Ramanagara Adventures

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I would like to begin by thanking Lord Varuna, the God of rain, Rainy cloudfor he bestowed upon us a bright and sunny day that eventually turned up adventurous! The Venture Adventure Club(VAC), Bengaluru announced the availability of adventure activities on Sunday, the 13th. Co-incidentally, 13 were ready for this trip. 13 on 13 sounded a little weird and scary, but only 9 could make it on that day! I had spoken to Lalit (the organizer), the previous night and learned that it had been raining heavily in Ramanagara since that noon. However, we were optimistic and moved on with the plan.  I was glad that my high school friend Sharad would join us(the Deloitte group). All of us were ready by 7AM on Sunday morning, prepared to unleash our long stored adrenaline.  As we left Bengaluru, the mini busBus was filled with 16 enthusiasts, Mr. Lalit Kumar and the driver. All of us were starving as we had woken up early in the morning , we were eagerly waiting for the breakfast. The breakfast venue itself added to the hunger; it was Bidadi Thatte Idli. We savored the breakfast and gathered enough energy for the forthcoming activities.

It was around 10.30AM as we arrived at the place. Hence we wondered if we could finish all the activities before the sun bids a good bye and before the God of Rain showers his love upon us! But, VAC truly amazed us all, they organized everything with near perfection, utilizing every single minute. Oh, I forgot to mention one more thing. The title says Ramanagara Adventures, did anyone go back to 80s and remember Sholay? Yeah, Sholay was shot here. Let’s get to the serious stuff, the first of the activities was Rappelling. Before it could start, we went on; climbing a rock had photo session. Sudha, you gotta thank that tree which saved ur bones! We reached the Rappelling point when it was our turn.


They arranged such that two people could rappel simultaneously. RappellingOne by one, everyone finished it quite comfortably. I have to share what Sharad did here. He was standing at the edge of the rock on top with his legs literally trembling! It was very funny to see that, which he later quoted it as break dance(Joke le). Sharad kept cracking jokes throughout the day and everybody enjoyed his company.Laughing-long The instructor encouraged to leave hands and give a Titanic pose for the camera as it was safe to do so.  I had done Rappelling before, so I wasn’t scared but, something had to happen. I bought my gloved hands too close to the descender, the glove got stuck in the ring, and the rope wouldn’t slide! The instructor asked me to come up, I couldn’t as it required too much of force defying gravity. So, I took off the glove completely, holding my heart in hands, hoped nothing would go wrong and descended carefully. The glove was completely stuck inside the ring, but my hand wasn’t in it and I was saved.

Rope Traverse:

This is actually called River Crossing, but as we dint do it above the river, I termed it rope traversing. The two ends of the rope were tied at different heights which would facilitate us to traverse easily in the slope. This was neither too scary nor difficult. Sushmitha’s goggles left her eyes mid-way during the action! It’s not advisable to wear any loose accessories during any such activity. I traversed so fast that, my colleague called me Lamborghini. By the end of this most of us were hungry, Basu kept reminding the fact that he was very hungry. Hungry We waited till everyone had their turn and then set out on target shooting.

Target Shooting:

Some of us had been for Chimney climbing, and, in order to utilize the time well, they had arranged for Target shooting simultaneously. A thread with bottles was tied between two trees. There were around 8 empty bottles as the target and Sharad s height rifle was used to shoot. Lalit explained the technique for the shoot, I listened and followed it. We were given three chances, hit my first shot right on target. I asked him to choose the bottle as target for the next shot,Rifle but I hit the bottle beside it. Third one was on target again. I was so damn happy; the sound of bullets hitting the bottles gave a proud feeling. As Sharad missed the shots, Lalit cracked a joke saying that “By now our enemy would have crossed Kashmir and reached Delhi”. Lalit was very funny and extremely friendly, we were very happy to have him on board. As we were done with our turns, we went for Chimney Climbing which churned out most of the energy from me.

Chimney Climbing:

Chimney Climbing is a specific technique of rock climbing, which is used to climb rocks that have some gap between them. In rock-climbing parlance a “chimney” is a fissure between two walls, in which the climber has his back against one wall and his feet against the other. I saw others t-shirts getting torn during this activity; hence I changed mine as I loved my Cliff Hangover tee way too much. As a child I used to climb up the walls where distance between the walls was less. I thought of that and imagined it would be easy enough. But I am not sure if it was cos I wore sandals which were slippery or cos the gap was so narrow that even my knees touched the other wall; I struggled to reach half way itself. Exhausted Basu started after me, he crossed my height and called me when he was higher, I was still trying to normalize myself.  My colleagues were constantly encouraging, but I couldn’t take more, came down. It took some time for me to burn the stored fats to revitalize my body. I wasn’t tired so much for years now, may be never in my life.

It was lunch time and to most of us it was relieving to even hear the sound of food. I duno why, I wasn’t that hungry. We had a tasty meal with lots of soft drinks at Nandhini hotel in Ramanagara. Others had opted for Kamath hotel and went further in the bus. It was for a long time that the bus dint return, we thought of walking that way, but after a few meters of walk, we saw the bus approaching and waved it to stop. The bus took us to the Kayaking spot.


The scenery around the lake was too beautiful for our eyes. We were at that place in the evening which made the view even better. We could see that it had been raining at a nearby place, fortunately it dint rain at the lake. We climbed the rock mountain and enjoyed the peace nature had to offer. Kayaking is the use of a Kayak (a small, relatively narrow, human-powered boat) for moving across water by means of a double blade paddle. As other groups started Kayaking, we were getting anxious as time was running out and they were talking longer rides. Finally my turn came, with the life jackets on, Basu and I went at last. We went near the banks where the rock mountain overlooked us, we witnessed the Sun’s rays reflection on the water, thoroughly enjoyed both kayaking and the scenery around. It was a breathtaking experience, as not many places provide this opportunity where we alone are the captains of the Kayak. Basu s and my kayaks played the part of dashing cars until I maintained some distance from him. The best part was when motor boats came close to us. They would create waves which would unbalance the Kayak,Afraid adrenaline would rush through the body till the waves died off. We spent as much time as we could at Kayaking and then returned to the base.

It was an end of all activities, except the ride back. Yeah ride in Bangalore is an activity. Truly, it was an amazing day, wishing for more such days to come.

Nikhil Navali

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