The best morning I ever had in Bangalore

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Yes, ironically, the morning of May 29, 2013 was the best in Bangalore. I got up early at around 6:15 and I knew it would be difficult to sleep again for some reason. TreeUsually I go for a jog after 7, but today, I set out early. No sooner I was out in the openness, I was greeted with a sublime weather: it was cloudy, breezy, chilled and the fact that it had rained last night, had made the place look more greener.Bird Watching I guess, even birds were having a gala time, for I saw/heard the most birds today ever in Bangalore. I started with the jog and today was my longest continuous one (4.5kms). Then I cycled for around 8kms on the banks of Bellandur lake. The greenery exhilarated my eyes, just like how my mouth feels good only if I stuff it completely with food, my eyes feel good when it is filled with lush green which is abundant near my home. The chants of mantras from the temple near the lake enticed a sense of spirituality. It was a perfect morning: jogging and cycling in ravishing weather amidst greenery. What more can I ask from a place in the mornings – it was like everything around me was trying to soothe me. This has brought peace and has invigorated me for the biggest adventure I will be undertaking soon. I love you Bangalore and always will.

Nikhil Navali

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2 thoughts on “The best morning I ever had in Bangalore

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