Art of Appreciation

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We come across few people in life who make a positive impact on us either by their wealth of knowledge or gesture of care. I learnt the value of a person in a hard way. So, to keep the spirits of humanity high I thought of appreciating these stalwarts with a small token of thanks.

  1. Malleshappa A – I always wanted an army man in the list and am glad to start with one. Though he was a mere constable when I met him, he represented the whole BSF to me. He also helped me reach Dholavira when I was on a backpacking trip.
    Place of meet – Kachchh, Gujarat.
    Token – Ritebite breakfast bar.
  2. Bhat -Stays in the midst of a trekking route (Kumaraparvatha) and provides food and place to stay for the tired trekkers. On thanking him for this he replied saying that it’s his duty. One prompt citizen helping thousands of nature lovers.
    Place of meet – Girigadde en-route Kumaraparvatha.

Nikhil Navali

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2 thoughts on “Art of Appreciation

  1. Jignesh Gada

    Nikhil ,You had a great expedition to kutch & also u passed by my village (Samakhiyali) … its good that u have wonderful memories in visiting kutch……

    Kutch Nahi Dekha to Kuch Nahi Dekha !!!!

  2. Nikhil Navali

    Kachchh is a must visit place in India. People were damn helpful in Kachchh area. I am grateful to them for such wonderful experiences.

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