First Day First Show – Seattle

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I reached Seattle in the afternoon of July 1st after making around 20 hours of traveling. After landing, we could see the Mt Rainier in all its beauty from the flight which served as a perfect welcome to this area. Since, I maintained a balance of sleep and movies in the flight, I hardly had any jet lag. I reached my friends flat, got freshened up and decided to walk around Seattle. It was a perfect Sunny weather and I have heard this is unusual at Seattle for most of the year. I started walking down the Queen Anne hill(South) and observed that biking lanes are taken much seriously in the city. I was glad since I plan to bike to office and around here. EMP museum was my first stop. In the interest of time I didn’t go into any buildings and anyways the architecture of outer walls provided me enough beauty. It was interesting to see that the metro line passed right into the museum. Space needle was quite close from here but it could be seen from most parts of Seattle. The tower looked magnificent and visitors traveled to the observation deck in elevators. Beside Space Needle, there is Chihuly Garden and Glass museum. Looking at glass artifacts, I was reminded of my visit to Corning Glass Museum. The tall white arches at Pacific Science Center added more beauty to the place. Then I walked to Seattle Center which had lawns and a fountain in between. The fountain was unique, it was half sphere with number of water holes around it. The best part was that one could stand and enjoy beneath the water jets. It wasn’t enclosed as in usual fountains. So kids were having fun jumping around getting wet. From there I walked west to Olympic Sculpture park which is beside Elliot bay. Weird small monuments adored the park. The waters, the mountains and the evening Sun was quite a view. Mt Rainier was to be seen again but this time with an orangish tint. Then I went south along the Alaskan way passing by a tall white face and another fountain I reached Seattle Aquarium and Waterfront park. The park provided great views of the Seattle Skyline in the back, Miner’s landing and Seattle Great wheel in the side, and waters in the front. From there I climbed steps in the east to reach something called Gum wall. People stick their chewed gum to the wall adding to the colors and smell. I reached Pike’s Market after few steps from the wall. 4 years back, Deloitte folks had given a book on the Pike market’s enthusiastic fish sellers. So I wanted to see the energy live but sadly it was closed by the time I had reached there. After looking around, I started walking North through Post alley which had cafe/restaurants lining the alley. On the way back at 5th avenue I could see buses which ran with the help of electric cables. This was unusual since I had only seen trains and trams doing this. Space Needle was reflecting Sun’s golden rays and felt as if it changed colors in a few hours. I reached my friend’s flat at around 9:25 PM while it was still not dark. It was quite a feeling to experience Seattle like this on the first day. Pleasant weather accompanied me all the while and I was more than glad to visit so many places by walk. Looking forward for an awesome stay at this place.

Nikhil Navali

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