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Seattle acts as an awesome base for the outdoor activities in the PacificNorthWest (PNW) region. I have been in love with the PNW ever since I have moved to west coast. It was only my 3rd day since I had started living in Seattle that I got to visit North Cascades National park with a bunch of people. It was splendid – we were treated with green mountains and turquoise waters. I didn’t have much information about Washington state before coming but now I don’t want to live anywhere else in the US. I have continued attending meetups and exploring the nature and it has been a fantastic journey. I am listing the activities(mostly hikes) I have done with links to a post of its own and hopefully I will keep updating it. Some of the activities are GPS tracked.

  1. Hike to Mt Townsend
  2. Hike to Rattlesnake Ledge
  3. Mt. Si Summits and Haystack scramble
  4. Hike to Silver Peak (First Seattle meetup hike)
  5. Goat Peak (Wenatchee National Forest)
  6. Weekly Dragon Boating at Lake Union
  7. Skiing Stevens and Snoqualmie pass
  8. Snowmobiling Cooper pass
  9. Oyster Dome hike
  10. Snowshoeing Pratt Mountain
  11. Scramble at Ancient Lakes
  12. Cycling to Seward Park
  13. Mt Teneriffe – Si loop
  14. Frenchman Coulee hike
  15. Bridal veils falls hike and scramble to Lake Serene
  16. Hall Creek Ridge hike
  17. Squak Mountain hike
  18. Hike to Mt Dickerman
  19. Hike to Heather Lake
  20. Hike to Navajo Peak
  21. Kaleetan Peak summit attempt via lake Melakwa
  22. Hike to Sourdough Mountain
  23. Hike to Excelsior Pass
  24. Hike to Camp Muir
  25. Scramble to Red Mountain
  26. Mt Rainier summit climb
  27. Hike to Mt Forgotten
  28. Hike to Wright Mountain
  29. Hike to Mt Pilchuk
  30. Perseid Meteor shower viewing from rattlesnake ledge/lake
  31. Hike to Goat Mountain
  32. Swim at Mason lake and hike to Mt Defiance
  33. Hike through Washington’s paradise – Enchantments
  34. Hike to Sahale Arm
  35. Lakes trail hike at Mt Rainier NP
  36. Teanaway Ridge Traverse (Hike/Scramble)
  37. Hike to Annette Lake
  38. Snowshoeing to Mt Washington
  39. Snowshoeing to Artist and Huntoon Point
  40. Snowshoeing to Kendall lakes
  41. Snowshoeing to Hex Mountain
  42. Hike to Putrid Pete’s Peak
  43. Snow skills training – Basics
  44. Cycling – Centennial Park, Discovery Park and Chittenden Locks
  45. Snowshoeing to Fool’s Day Peak
  46. Hike to Red Mountain
  47. Hike to Mt Ellinor
  48. Hike to Pinnacle Lake
  49. Hike to Silver Bowl
  50. Hike to Eldorado Peak and Knife Edge
  51. Rugged Maniac 2017 – My first OCR
  52. Hike to Goat Lake and Big Four Ice Caves
  53. P3 – Defiance loop moonrise hike
  54. Wing Walking on Boeing-Stearman
  55. Swim at Big Eddy Park and Rope Swing at Eagle Falls
  56. Hike to Hidden Lake Lookout
  57. Scramble to Little Si
  58. Hike to Yellow Aster Butte
  59. Scramble to French Cabin West Peak
  60. Hike to Lake Ingalls
  61. Hike on PCT at Steven’s pass
  62. Winter hike on Beckler Peak
  63. Winter hike to Blanca Lake
  64. Winter hike to Franklin Falls
  65. Snowshoeing to Lanham Lake
  66. Deception Pass loops hike
  67. McClellan Butte summit attempt – meters away from an Avalanche
  68. Snow Camping on frozen Colchuk lake
  69. Cycling – Burke Gilman Trail Ride to Log Boom Park
  70. Skiing at Snoqualmie Summit Central
  71. Umtanum Ridge Hike and Scramble
  72. Hike to Mt Storm King and Marymere Falls
  73. Big Chiwaukum summit attempt
  74. Hike to Hurricane Hill
  75. Hike to Beckler Peak
  76. Hike to Vesper Peak
  77. Hike to Mt Baring [Hard]
  78. Hike to Mt Pugh
  79. Skyline Divide trail fall color hike
  80. Hike to Carne Mountain – Gold Rush
  81. Shannon ridge trail hike
  82. Hike to Mailbox Peak
  83. Hike to Gothic basin and Foggy lake
  84. Hike to Guye Peak
  85. Hike To Marmot pass and Buckhorn mountain
  86. Winter hike to Mt St Helens, an active Volcano
  87. Snowshoeing to Skyline Lake and Beyond
  88. Hike to Dirty Harry’s Peak
  89. Beargrass hike on Granite Mountain
  90. Hike to Rock mountain
  91. Boundary trail hike at Mt St Helens
  92. My first bungee jump
  93. Tubing at Lake Chelan
  94. Hike to Trappers peak
  95. Hike to Cow Heaven
  96. Biking the Iron Horse trail
  97. Hike to Iron Bear peak
  98. A day out in the North Cascades National Park
  99. A winter hike in the summer – Chain lakes loop trail

Bucket List

  • Vesper Peak
  • Little Giant Pass
  • Trappers Peak
  • Mt St Helens
  • Mt Adams
  • Mt Baker
  • Glacier Peak
  • Mt Shuksan
  • Mt Hood
  • Ptarmigan Ridge
  • Mt Pugh
  • Mt Index
  • Knife Edge – PCT
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