Hike to Navajo Peak

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It was a long(14 miles) and strenuous hike especially due to Sun. I hiked quite fast the first 2 miles and then for the rest was with fast paced hikers. We reached Navajo Pass around 12 PM and we were completely exposed well before reaching the pass itself. But the view of the Enchantments was fantastic from there.  We started for Navajo Peak from there and it took us around 45 mins. It was excruciating and I took a lot of time for each step. The view from the peak was amazing too with Mt Rainier and Mt Adams in the horizon.

Some people had reached the pass on horses. Felt little amused seeing that but also sad that they made the horse do that. I usually come down fast and since I reached little early at places, I laid down (part of the reason was I hadn’t got enough sleep the previous night and had another hike the next day). At one place, I fell and asleep and started snoring too.

While coming back from the trailhead, the car which was in had very low fuel and we made it to the fuel station at Cle Elum just before the empty tank. We then went to a restaurant were we waited literally more than an hour for the order. It was around 10 PM by the time I reached home.

Activity Overview

Nikhil Navali

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