Kaleetan peak summit attempt via lake Melakwa

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This was one of the most intense meetups I have attended till now. It was a combination of a dangerous summit attempt, brave and selfless people and beautiful scenery.

It was a hot day and the hike till Lake Melakwa was tiring by itself. We rested till everyone caught up and started for Kaleetan peak. There were some steep sections till the first peak. The views were spectacular as usual with great visibility. We had to descend a bit to get to base of Kaleetan and then had to scramble to reach the peak. There was a steep section with snow which we had to cut across to reach the base. An experienced guy was ahead and was making some steps for us to make it easier. The second in the line guy slipped after some steps and slid down 100 – 150 feet before hitting and rolling over a bunch of rocks. I still remember the slide he took, a fellow hiker shouting at him to brake and his roll on the rocks. The guy who was in the front soon took a slide down with his ice axe and went to help him. It was very brave and selfless of him. The organizer called it for the day and we turned back. The whole incident hit me after some time and I was glad that everyone was safe.

Activity Overview


Nikhil Navali

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