Scramble to Red Mountain

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Another intense meetup outing.

We started with bushwhack on a not so popular trail and figured that it was getting worse and making slow progress. So we switched to the main trail and reached upto a mining area dated 1979. We had taken a right just before the mining area and found ourselves off trail and the peaks were towering above us. A fellow hiker and I started scrambling up and there were lots of loose rock. Some sections were pretty tricky and we sent stones rolling down few times. We just hoped that the stones doesn’t hit others.

We met another hiker at the summit and he had taken a different route which was steep and filled with snow. Soon rest of the group joined and we realized that we were off trail during scramble.

It was time to go down and most of us didn’t want to retrace the scramble route since it was steep and dangerous. We neither wanted to take the route which other guy took since he wished he had an ice axe. We decided to get down from other side of the mountain which would then lead us to a gravel road. The road would wind around the ridge and take us back to the trail. We deciphered all this from the map we had. Never before we had relied so much on the maps. The scramble down till the road was very steep and a bushwhack till we reached the gravel road. There was one instance where a large stone went rolling down. I would hold the branches whenever possible and it felt like Tarzan jumping from one branch to other. This was fun and safer compared to the way up earlier.

I was alone while walking on the gravel road and suddenly heard a noise. Initial feeling was that there was a stone rolling over and I literally got scared and shouted. But it was a bird’s wing sound. I kept checking the map and reached the trail. It wasn’t much of a detour though.

Great day and I am glad we all made it safely to the parking lot.

Activity Overview (Could record only half the hike, battery died)

Nikhil Navali

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