Hike to Mt Forgotten Meadows

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We set out to summit Mt Forgotten but due to low visibility and treacherous route decided to turn back at the meadows. There were literally no views from the meadows but we had some nice sights of Perry Creek waterfalls. At the meadows, I was like: Let’s forget the Mt Forgotten. Clouds started clearing late afternoon and we saw some mountains while descending. But there were other perks. Sometimes the trail was very green with moss and looked so soothing and royal. Also had Raspberries and Blueberries on the trail. This was my first time eating these fresh plucking from the trees and it felt quite good even though they were little sour.

Activity Overview


20th Oct 2018:

While the first attempt was so bad with respect to weather, this time everything was perfect – well excluding the Poha I had prepared for lunch. The last week’s weather was really a blessing and taking it’s advantage, I signed up for this for the scramble and views. Other organizers started posting interesting things after I signed up but I stuck to this. We reached the meadows by noon and that’s where the party started.

We had amazing views of surrounding mountains, especially of Glacier Peak. This was the closest view I had of the peak and it was just stunning with all the glaciers and snow with a clear skied blue background.

We waited quite a while for a fellow hiker and then started with the final push for Mt Forgotten. The trail from the meadows to summit was quite interesting – sharp drop initially, a bit of bush-whacking and a final steep ascent – with mind blowing views around. We reached the summit and there were 3 main blocks and it was simple to get to the first one. The second one had a scramble with lots of exposure and as I was contemplating to attempt it, someone said that there were few hikers there before. Also, the organizer said he might attempt it later. I spent some time clicking pics and immediately somehow I got into Josh and went to attempt it. It was really scary since there were hardly any foot holds on one side of what looked like a knife wedge.

So, I made a move on the other side with the help of my long legs and reached the second block where I found the summit register. I had to stretch even longer while coming back and I think this scramble was one of the most scariest (comparable to Hidden lake lookout scramble) I have done. I returned to the first block and had my poorly cooked Poha and then sat to take in the views. This location is almost central to the high mountainous region of West Washington and provided views from Olympics in the far west to Rainier in the south to Baker in the north. So I could literally see three national parks – Olympic, Rainier and North Cascades from that point. This was the best panoramic view I have had in the state.

I also could see Mt Pugh up very close with just Sauk river in the valley separating the mountains. We started descending after some time and I took a break in the meadows.

I lied down on the meadows as I would on the bed with Glacier peak in the sight. The weather was perfect and I was just on my base-layer. It was such a feel good moment. It was one of those fleeting moments where I wonder – “Do I need anything else from life?, this is as perfect as it would get.” and then immediately I get sucked back into reality and look forward for a hot shower and good food and many other things. I started my descent after some time. I washed my face at the creek and the views after the waterfalls was surprisingly amazing. Evening rays shone the bright fall colored leaves and the many dispersed leaves on the trail looked nice too.

Also, I took a picture of the mossy green stones besides the trail on the exact location from where I had taken 2 years earlier.

It was a fantastic hike with all the goodies – scramble, views, trail and company. What a day, what a life.

Activity Overview

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