Hike to Mt Pilchuk

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Clouds had covered most of the places around the Mountain loop highway and we had almost no expectations for the views from the summit. I had heard that views from the summit are great. A Russian lady in our group told that she is a weather talker and asked the Universe for views from the top. It was encouraging but without resting my hopes on it, I started hiking with a fast pace.

It was quite cold at the trailhead and we started hiking in the clouds on rocky terrain when trees opened up. It kinda reminded me of few mountains in India where there are huge rocks. Mathew, the organizer pointed me to the blast holes in the rocks caused due to the dynamites. When asked a group who were descending about the views from the top, they said that we would be above the clouds at the summit and it was great. But I didn’t expect such spectacle from the top.

The lookout was hidden till the very end and I was above the cloud layer. A ridge ran along and there were people all along. It’s a popular mountain and it was sunny which brought many people. After a short scramble to the lookout, I made it to the top and was surprised at the beauty. I was impressed at the lookout which was quite spacious and sturdy atop the cocks. I went to the rocks beside the lookout and waited there for the rest of the group.It was amazing up there and I imagined swimming in the clouds below me. A guy came and he pointed a pointy rock near me and said that its the rock on which usually people post pictures with. He hopped on to it and then i realized how awesome the pictures were. Soon everyone started doing it and I got my own. Once our group joined, Mathew started pointing out the mountains. We could see Mt Rainier, Glacier Peak, Three Fingers, Mt Baker, etc.

The cloud layer had gone down a bit while descending. The hike turned out exactly what the Russian lady had asked for. Clouds while ascending since its much comfortable hiking in the shade and clear views from the top.

Activity Overview

Nikhil Navali

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