Hike to Sahale Arm

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Had heard about this and had been wanting to do this hike for long. The trailhead is 3 hours from Seattle. It was bit cloudy and weather looked good for hiking. I had hurt my toe while playing soccer the previous day and was bit worried about it. We started at 9.15 AM and reached Cascade pass first. I took it slowly and didn’t maintain my usual speed. The surrounding mountains was beautiful with snow and glaciers on them. The valley ahead looked so green and amazing too. There was a lake named Doubtful lake which was green. Akhil was wondering how the pics from same Nexus phone are better. He was like what did you do to your camera. I was thinking about it and could come to only one conclusion. The beauty here is such that I don’t have to be a technical photographer at all and pictures don’t even do the justice to what I saw. Fellow hikers were trying to get their share of blueberries along the trail. The initial gradual ascent till the Cascade pass turned into a difficult ascent from the Doubtful lake. It was very windy and cold by the time we reached Sahale Galcier camp. There were few people camping there. With slight pain, I completed the hike and it was a great one. We then had ice cream at the Cascadian Farm on the way back.

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Activity Overview

Nikhil Navali

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