Snowshoeing to Kendall peak lakes area

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A hat trick with the snow awesomeness. This was the third snow hike of the year (all in Jan) and I have been in complete awe during all the three hikes.
We started with snowshoeing at 10 AM in a very cloudy cold weather. I didn’t have much hopes with the views as the horizon around the Snoqualmie was filled with clouds. We were above the clouds during the final stretch and the views were surreal here. I was happily roaming around in the clear weather and was spellbound with the view of sea of clouds. I was finding it hard to believe the extravagant beauty in front of me. It was funny how the scene unfolded, first Kaka saw it and she said ‘Woowww’ then Gaurav was like ‘The scenary here is 100 times better than the previous place’. Usually these two people don’t show much expressions and they weren’t wrong at all for hyping it. We had our lunch there and it was a great spending time with everyone. New formations which I witnessed this time was the small multiple snow lumps. In the interest of time, we didn’t go visit all the lakes. I used microspikes instead of snowshoes while coming down. We took a short cut with the help of Gaurav’s watch and it was fun going down the narrow steep trails. Well, yet another fantastic snow hike. Don’t forget to watch the complete video.

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