Snowshoeing to Hex Mountain

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It was big group this time and we carpooled in 5 cars to the trailhead of Hex Mountain. This was turning to be an usual snowshoe hike until Gaurav and I followed Michael for a detour. Gaurav wanted to be ahead of a fellow hiker and we missed a turn  and had gone way too ahead from the organizer who knew the route. When the organizer asked us to head back and make the turn, Michael chose to take a shortcut on off-trail instead. Gaurav and I followed him and there started our real adventure for the day. The snow was very deep and slippery. Initially it was fun but it turned out to be scary at the slopes. Since Gaurav and I weren’t carrying poles, Michael broke the trail for most of the part. Even though I was following them I was scared of the slippery ice when we were cutting across the slopes to reach the main trail. Micheal and Gaurav were constantly checking their maps to ensure right direction. Our advance was very slow and realized that it would be too late to reach the trail without losing the altitude. We realized to drop to the trail. It was adventurous and funny to see Gaurav doing some gymnastics to stay put. We then followed the main trail and headed to the summit. We were walking on a exposed ridge where winds picked up. Though the views didn’t blow me away like the previous snowshoes, the winds did have some effect in this one. It got very cold due to the winds and it made a gushing noise when we entered the forest again. The walk in the cold, the sight of snow getting dusted and the noise of the winds was so dramatic that I felt that I was walking into death. We slowly made it to the summit and fortunately there were less winds and clear views. Mt Stuart looked stunning in the skyline and mountains from the East Washington looked cool too. We shared food with others and had a nice time. Michael had got a toy pig which made grunting noise and I squeezed it during a group pic in an attempt to bring a smile on everyone’s face. We also did a Mannequin video:

I enjoyed walking on the semi-solid ice while coming down which crunched below my snowhoes. The snowshoe metal holders hurt my right little toe this time (left during Mt Washington snowshoe). Should be careful using the snowshoes.

More Photos and Videos here


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