Snow skills training – Basics

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Micheal posted the skills training event on the meetup and I was in waiting list throughout. I wasn’t keen on attending initially, bad weather being one of the reason. Even though I was on waiting list, Micheal messaged me few days before the event and invited me to attend. I felt that glad that he took efforts to make sure I was part of the team. To keep this relationship intact, I chose to attend the event. It turned out to be a fantastic day with sunny weather and good hands on learning.

There were 30+ people and we all drove to the snow lake trailhead from where we started snowshoeing. We got on the mountain and started doing activities. We learned to collectively break the trail as as team, traverse on steep sections, glissade and ice axe arrest. I broke the trail for some distance which was very tiring. We switched breaking trails so that most would get a chance which also avoided only one person doing it. I enjoyed the ice axe arrest during the glissades. We basically glissaded multiple times on what was called chute and learnt arresting the slide using an ice axe. The Sun was out and we could see the blue sky often and it certainly changed the mood for the day.

More photos here

Activity Overview


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