Snowshoeing to Fool’s Day Peak

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An outing to Fool’s Day Peak on Fool’s day(April 1st) was too tempting to resist. The forecast was ok and somehow the description from the meetup organizer sounded that we wouldn’t expect great views. But we were fooled, we had fantastic views and beautiful sunny weather for half the hike. Also, I rented a Subaru Crosstrek intended for a thorough test drive but unfortunately there was no snow on the roads till the trailhead.

The snow was slushy and we started snowshoeing from early on. Since this was not a beated trail, our team broke it and it was only our group on the peak for the day. Snowshoes really helped and I was wearing my new Quechua shoes which I was very happy with. We started in a overcast weather and there were partial views of Cle Elum lake and mountains along the trail. The last part was steep where we gained around 2000 ft in 1.5 miles. We were welcomed at the peak with an interesting ridge with safe cornices alongside and great views all around. It was windy and quite cold, so we found warmer places beside trees and sat down for lunch. This is where the fun started. People started wearing funny hats and there was music, potluck styled food and wine. We were having gala time and then the Sun joined the party. I was dancing around with happiness and told my friends that I don’t need alcohol to get ‘high’, I just need to be on a ‘high’ mountain. We could see more sky when we were leaving and most of rest of the hike was in bright light. As usual, I felt good thrusting my snowshoes in the soft slushy snow and I avoided taking the beated trail since it felt hard on the sole. Due to this, 2 times I got one of my foot stuck in the deep snow and I had to dig myself out of this which was a new experience to me. We had to pass the steep sections and it was a dramatic scene wherein everyone started taking their own comfortable routes down between the trees. I did something different and started to descend rapidly mimicking mini zigzag ski descent. It felt awesome and I throughly enjoyed it. Cle Elum lake and surroundings was wonderful and we completed the hike taking in rest of the beauty. Lost my sunglasses somewhere during the descent, so the next sunglasses I will be buying will be with straps.

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Nikhil Navali

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