Hike to Red Mountain

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Days like this make me realize that the journey of life is an adventure and a gift. Life is but a beautiful string full of moments, experiences and joys. A hell of an adventure on Red Mountain in White Snow under blue sky amidst green trees. Mother nature was at her best and supported our hike throughout with no rains, hardly any wind and awesome 360° views. The previous Red Mountain adventure was a scramble and this time it was steep hike, glissade, ice axe terrain, ridge walk, cornices and mind blowing views.

The first 1.5 miles of the hike was on a near flat surface on snowmobiles track. Then we took the Red Mountain trail and it was almost straight up and down from there. Derek, the meetup organizer usually prefers shortcuts and cuts through the trail and it was no different here.  Trail was covered with snow with varied levels of hardness. There was a place where Gaurav was stuck in snow at waist length and we had to dig him out. I was wearing microspikes and wore it until we changed to snowshoes when trees started opening up. We were rewarded with the views of amazing snow covered mountains as we descended higher. Especially, the cascade range looked stunning with pointed snow covered summits. We had lunch at a point below one of the summits of Red Mountain. We left our bags there and just with ice axe and snowshoes we went to explore the narrow ridge with steep sides which connected summits of Red Mountain. I had snowmobiled in this area before and I could see tiny snowmobiles on the other side of the ridge. Cornices were all over the place. We chose to stay in our limits and didn’t take risks in exploring sketchy sections. We went back, took our backpacks and started the descent. There was soft pure white snow and we glissaded 3 times covering more than 500 feet in total. The rest of the hike was descend on steep sections which was steeper than the route we took to ascend. Last 1.5 miles on the flat surface was ok. I was glad that we all made it out safe from an adventurous hike.

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