Hike to Rattlesnake Ledge

Rattlesnake ledge blows me away with its views. A perfect setting with mountains on three sides and plains in between with lake right below the ledge. For such a short hike, the views are spectacular.


I have hiked this one for four times:

      1. With graduate classmates
      2. During Perseid Meteor shower
      3. Office team hike – Activity Overview
      4. With a very close friend, Sheetal
        • I wanted to take her on a hike and Rattlesnake ledge with its short distance and beautiful views was an easy choice. Looking at the forecast, I decided during the afternoon for the hike. It was cloudy and was drizzling but I was encouraged by the visibility of Mt Si en-route. It was around 4 PM by the time we started and the tree cover on the trail blocked the drizzle if there was any. It was very green and the mosses enriched the beauty on the trail. There were hardly anyone on the trail and we covered the distance in pretty good speed. Looking at the scattered clouds from below I was expecting a good view and I was right. The late evening cloudy views was mind-blowing and the fact that we had the ledge entirely for ourselves after sometime was even more awesome. The scattered clouds, green forest below and snowy mountains in the far provided for an soothing scenery and we totally loved our time there. It was quite dark while returning and my batteries in head-lamp was almost dead. So we hiked down the entire trail in my phone’s flashlight.
      5. Scrambling
        • Did with a meetup group on the occasion of a full moon night. We scrambled up and I preferred this very steep route than gradual longer ascent. The final part was a scramble along the narrow trail with a 1000 foot drop. I loved the views from there and again I thought about the rewarding views for such a short hike. The sky was almost clear and we had 180 deg + views. This time we made all the way till the upper ledge and waited there for moonrise.  Someone had got a portable bonfire and it was interesting to see the fire in action from that tiny box. There was a band of cloud in the direction of moonrise where we could see the glow from the moon. Finally moon caught up and made a dramatic entrance from the clouds and we experienced the moon rise twice because of the moving clouds. The yellow moon looked brilliant over the clouds and mountains and it was a well spent evening. I have descended the ledge in dark on 3/5 times now.


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