Hike to Sentinel Pass

This was a hike I did when I visited Banff National Park for the Independence day long weekend. I wanted to do at-least one hike during the trip and had chosen to make this. I saw the map at Lake Moraine which mentioned that the trail to Sentinel Pass required some sort of climbing and was skeptical if I could make it. So I decided to go till Larch valley at-least which was en-route Sentinel Pass.

I stated with the hike and the first 2 miles was pretty steep and then it was quite gradual after that. The view of the Ten Peaks was amazing and other surrounding mountains looked majestic. I asked people if they had made it to Sentinel pass and they told that it was not a difficult hike. I was encouraged and pushed on. Actually, I had maintained very good pace – I had completed first 2 miles in 42 mins gaining 1300 feet in elevation. The final stretch was getting to the pass and had snow on it. People were glissading down and I was not sure if I would do it. I reached the pass, had lunch and explored around.

I met a solo hiker and waited for her to accompany me for the glissade since I didn’t wanted to be alone doing it. I was scared since many people had already glissaded and exposed small rocks. I chose a slightly less ploughed path and started the 160 feet glissade. I was wearing shorts and my sock was only till ankles. So the snow scrated my legs and got into the shoes. I was slow initially and picked up speed later but it was fun. Snow had made it into the shoes by the time I was out of snow area. I cleared it and made the rest of the hike quickly.

Activity Overview

Photos and Videos here


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