P3-Defiance Loop moonrise hike

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I decided to go on this hike just a day back. Derek’s (meetup event organizer) description about sunset, moonrise and ridge walk attracted me. So I chose to sign up even though I had done P3 and Defiance on 2 separate occasions. We started the hike at 3 PM and reached P3 first. It was quite hot and dust from the foot steps made it more uncomfortable. Last time I was on P3, it was cold which toughened the hike. The final stretch of P3 is staggering 1350 feet in 0.5 mile. From P3 we decided to ridge walk to Webb mountain. I left my backpack at P3 and it was so comfortable without it. I loved this ridge walk which was quite safe even though it was exposed on either side with near 360 deg views. We could see, Mt Baker, Glacier Peak, Mt Adams, Mt Rainier, Seattle, Olympic mountains and miles of I-90.

From the summit of Web Mountain I tried photosphere, panorama and few other shots, We returned to P3 and then left for Mt Defiance which was another ridge walk. Bugs had started troubling now. On the final stretch to Defiance, I was drained of energy and I was like what are these bugs looking for in me since there is nothing left in my body. We made it the summit and people were wearing mosquito nets to save their faces. I used bug spray which saved me from bugs for sometime and then I chose to become Darth Vader.

Sun was hidden behind the clouds, so moon stole the night for me. It faintly rose and slowly started gaining white color. The surroundings looked magnificent with multiple shades of colors and the panoramic only added it the beauty. For some reason, it looked like sky was wearing a bindi. We started for the trailhead and the white flowers on the Defiance looked amazing in the moonlight. I made the rest of the hike with flashlights chatting with Gaurav. It was 2 AM by the time I reached home.

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