Swim at Big Eddy Park and Rope Swing at Eagle Falls

Sai and I decided to go to a swimming hole near Seattle to some get respite from heat. We had 3 options: Hall Creek which was not really a swim hole, Big Eddy Park and Eagle Falls. We finalized on Big Eddy Park which is near Gold Bar on the banks of Skykomish river and started at 4 PM. The parking spot was huge and I was surprised to see so many card and crowd. It didn’t matter much since most of them just hung out at the shore. It was a nice setting with a railway bridge and mountains in the backdrop. Water was quite clear and not too cold. I started swimming around and throughly enjoyed it. I haven’t swam in open waters much and this was one of the best places I have swam in. I crossed the river to reach the other bank which was fun too. We spent some time and then decided to drive to Eagle Falls. I had read that it was a good spot for cliff jumping and wanted to check out.

Eagle falls had a different setting altogether. The river after the falls narrowed between short cliffs on either side. People jumped from the cliffs and there was a Rope on the other side tied to a tree. The colors near the falls was vibrant. When we were returning 2 kids reached the other side and swung from the rope to jump into the water. It was too tempting to resist and I decided to do as well. It was bit hard for me to swim against the flow. I climbed to the spot were the kids swung from. There was a big stick to pull the rope and I took some to hold on to the rope. Then I took off and it felt long during the swing. I let go and jumped into the water and went quite deep. It was an awesome experience. Somehow I felt the water was not so clean at this place. We then had Pizza at Gold Bar and drove to Seattle.

Photos and Videos here


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