A day in Olympic National Park

Barring few hikes on the Olympic Peninsula I hadn’t actually visited Olympic National Park for 2.5 years. Sai and I decided to visit Hurricane Ridge and places around and it turned out to be a fantastic day.

Our day started with a misty sunrise ferry ride from Edmonds to Kingston. The mistiness continued for a while and specifically at a town named Port Gamble, it looked soothingly beautiful where street lamps and rustic structures fought the mist to appear in the early morning light. We bought snow chains at Les Schwab and took the road to Hurricane Ridge. There was hardly snow on the road except the last few meters. I had heard a lot about Hurricane Ridge but it didn’t blow me away maybe because there was some smoke that day from the wildfires in LA. We hiked around and since I was still recovering from ankle sprain, I took it slow. It was so sunny and green while driving back that it looked like Summer. We went on a short hike to see Madison falls wherein I tried an easy scramble to reach nowhere. Then we drove to Lake Crescent which was as nice as well and we observed numerous Airbnb places at the nearby Lake Sutherland. We ended the day with the visit to Ediz Hook which is a narrow piece of land stretching for about 5 kms from mainland. The view from there was surprisingly beautiful wherein we saw the Sun setting behind the Olympic mountains.

Photos and Videos here

Hurricane Ridge Activity overview



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