Burke Gilman Trail Ride to Log Boom Park

Ride length: 32.4 miles

Looking at the forecast, I hadn’t planned any outdoor activity today. But I could see blue sky in the morning and Shan, a recent acquaintance asked me if I was interested in a ride. He said 15 miles one way initially and I thought I wouldn’t be able to make that much and asked for 10 miles. But little did I know that I would be covering 32.4 miles (that too without major effort) in total. We decided to take the Burke Gilman trail. I had done only parts of it but only today did I realize the length and sheer beauty of it. We joined the trail after crossing the Freemont bridge. First few miles were in the city, then the trail bordered the University of Washington main campus and from then we kept hitting small parks while most of the trail itself was between trees. The weather was just right and I was thoroughly enjoying the diverse surroundings. I kind of felt that I was far from Seattle experiencing a new place. Shan and I stopped and discussed quite frequently about the ride further and since I wasn’t tired much I was ok moving on. A major reason for this was that the entire trail was kind of flat and this was my first long distance flat ride. Due to this, maybe I didn’t generate much heat and my toes were cold.  The trail bordered Lake Washington during the last miles. A row of posh houses separated the trail from the lake and I kept awing at the luxury of those houses. Many had their own boats, personal lake access and the living room had a lake view. Just short of the park, I felt a slight chest pain. I wanted to reach a scenic place for the turn around point and since Shan knew the route pretty well, he lead to the Log Boom Park. We stopped there, walked on the boardwalk and enjoyed the serene surroundings. This park is located in the northernmost tip of lake Washington. I did some stretches and had snacks with the hope of relieving myself from the chest pain and it did actually help. After 15 mins, we started with the return ride and except for the first gradual ascent I was hardly tired. Well not exactly, the last hill climb to my home is always tiring and given that I had ridden 50 kms before this hill climb, I took it slow today. I get tired everyday on this hill climb which is my daily commute. I am glad that I explored a new part of the city while doing one of my favorite activities.

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