Hike to Mt Storm King and Marymere Falls

Another long time bucket list hike. I was waiting for snow to be cleared and finally found a clear Sunday with the help of flowx app which my colleague recently introduced. 4 of us agreed to make the hike and I was quite excited especially since I had heard about the usage of ropes for the steep sections of the hike. We took the Edmonds-Kingston ferry and enjoyed the snow covered Olympic mountains in the morning light. We then drove to the trailhead which is at Mt Storm King ranger station near Lake Crescent. It’s a short but steep trail and the views start appearing halfway through. We saw the board ‘End of maintained trail’ and we got ready with our gloves to make the final push to the summit. There were totally 4 rope sections which helped us hike on the narrow exposed trail. It was fun using the rope and I was enjoying my time. We reached the summit which was exposed too and waited for our turn to go to the edges which provided unobstructed view of most of Lake Crescent. Amidst the mountains with different shades of blue on the banks, the lake looked stunning. We spent time clicking pictures and got back to a viewing spot to have our lunch. The trail was much more exposed and dangerous than I had expected. We then went to Marymere falls passing multiple bridges on creeks and it was beautiful too. The moss on the surrounding trees were a treat to watch. Since we would finish the hike quite early, I asked a fellow hiker about stuff do around and was recommended a visit to Devil’s punch basin. So we took the Ira Spring trail to reach that spot which was basically a deep basin for cliff jumping and swimming. We had to take the ferry back and I wanted it to overlap on sunset time, so we left for Bainbridge island. Fortunately, we got the Sunset ferry and I got an opportunity to watch the orange sun setting over the Olympic Mountains. It was a day of variety.

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