About me

I am Nikhil Navali and I live along with my wife in Seattle. I love to be outdoors enjoying the fresh air and indulge in various physical activities. I hike regularly in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. That said, I don’t shy to sit days together with just my laptop and internet. My favorite pastime includes watching documentaries, reading books, cooking, practicing Yoga and updating my bucket list which is always fresh and full.

Occasionally my wife authors posts on the blog and I think she writes better than me (obviously with my help though). I am glad we share some similar interests and we venture out together for most part.

Feel free to reach me via :



Nikhil Navali


5 thoughts on “About me

  1. Uma

    Hi. saw you at bowling with the Global meetup group. Your blog is pretty detailed and informative, πŸ™‚

  2. Kamalakar

    Hi Nikhil…I have read all your experience at RNSIT. I want to admit my son in CS at RNSIT.. Pl advise me with all pro’s n Cons of institute….

    • Nikhil Navali

      Dear Kamalakar, I have sent a mail to you with my opinions. Kindly check and let me know if you need more information. All the best πŸ™‚

  3. Anonymous

    Hey Nikhil,
    Have been following your blog for some time now, have always wondered how you manage to do so many adventures!! But today when I read your Mom’s experience about Sky Diving, could feel her excitement and achievement πŸ™‚ Am sure she must be feeling on top of the world, why not she was on top of the world! Kudos to both of you!
    Thanks for sharing all your experiences.

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