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A day out in the North Cascades National Park

Hiked on : Saturday, 4th July 2020
Elevation Gain : ~1000ft
Distance : 5.5 miles round-trip
Activity Overview
3D view of the trail

This 4th of July was my second one in the United states. Although it was a long weekend, we did not plan a multi-day vacation, mainly due to the Covid fear. The fireworks were also cancelled across the US for the same reason. Nevertheless, the missing joy of having an awesome weekend getaway or witnessing the spectacular fire-works was all quenched by our visit to the North Cascades National Park! 🙂

My brother Amit is here in Seattle for the second time owing to his remote summer internship. In an attempt to continue showing him the beauty of the Pacific North-west, Nikhil has been planning hikes. We went on a relatively easy hike on the Iron-Bear trail. This was a very good warm-up – a largely simple terrain with uniform ascent yet beautiful views at the summit. After having visited the Rainier National Park during Amit’s first visit, we thought it would be apt to venture out to the North Cascades this time since we were sure its beauty would never cease to impress him. This would be my second visit there and Nikhil’s second just this year! Yet this visit turned out so good since we were accompanied by my friends, all of which surprisingly worked out in a short period of time. It was this long pending get-together of Me-Nikhil, Priyanka-Varun and Charu-Ankur. More the merrier indeed!

Given the long drive and the limited parking owing to the weekend, we had planned to start early. After gearing up and packing the food and other essentials for the hike, we met at Charu’s place and left Seattle early as planned in two cars. Amit also drove some distance while Nikhil stretched his foot for a bit. We stopped half-way at Darrington for a quick break. This place has a very scenic view of the White Horse peak that stands tall and magnificent. After adoring its beauty while chit-chatting and having Ankur’s variant of the marble cake, we continued our journey towards the mighty North Cascades. Amit was already liking the scenic drive and the country-side scenes. As we merged onto the SR20 and neared the national park, his joy grew manifold. I was excited to be back here and every checkpoint reminded me of the previous visit and its adventures. And Nikhil was of course cherishing his nostalgic memories here while sulking over the fact that we will soon be moving out of Washington and that he is going to miss PNW big time!

Soon we crossed the town of Newhalem and Diablo (where we had to take an emergency break due to Amit’s troubling tummy 😛 ), and the views kept getting better and better. After around 3hrs of drive from Seattle, we reached the trailhead for the ‘Blue Lake’. Given that this is a famous hike since it is close to Winthrop as well, the parking lot was full and the vehicles had overflowed on the roadside. But Varun was lucky to find a spot as he had gotten in at the right time when that spot opened up near the trailhead. We squeezed in as well. Changing into the hiking shoes and gathering everything needed, we started our hike.

The initial mile was easy and consisted of multiple narrow board walks, surrounded by tall pine trees on either side. It was cloudy and whatever little sunlight was out was being blocked by the tree canopy. We all were high on energy, kept talking and making merry all along. After a couple of switchbacks the trail started gaining elevation as well as showcasing some spectacular views of the cascade ranges all-around. The very first views were of this mountain – the rocky peaks with scattered snow, with some patch of green grass half-way down and the tall lush green pine trees towards the lower end. We stopped to capture the beauty and take some insta-worthy pictures. As we proceeded further we could spot better exposure to the same views. This was my first hike in the North Cascades and I was loving it already!

As we continued, we had to cross a couple of fallen trees on the trail. Further ahead, we had to maneuver through muddy portions of the trail as well as the small patches of snow that kept appearing. Almost in the final mile, there were multiple short snowy and slushy patches that needed careful navigation. Helping each other on the trail, pausing for pictures and chit-chatting continued. We could see the pleasing display of prominent landmarks like Liberty Bell and Winter Spires from unique angles as we approached the lake. After around 2 hrs we were almost at the end of our ascent and the final turn revealed this gleaming beauty! The very sight of it wowed me to the core! We were welcomed by this sub-alpine lake feeding the creek, surrounded by lush green trees and the mighty mountains. The lake was frozen with an interesting pattern of ice all over. The peripheral portion revealed the blue tint and the super-clean water showing what was underneath 🙂 As we sinked in this beauty, we walked further ahead to cross the creek and find a relaxing spot. There were many tree logs fallen and we chose to walk over them and reach the other side, giving ourselves further thrill and adventure! We took multiple group pictures as well as solo shots on and around these logs as the location was indeed picture perfect! 

After reaching the other side of the Creek we found a wide beautiful snowy frozen patch on the lake shore. Scenes were getting prettier and our cameras were getting busier! Amit took a group pic of us three couples and we joked upon it saying it’s the ‘Hum Saath Saath Hain’ pose! Incidentally we found two kannadiga guys around; they offered to click our group picture when they overheard us conversing in Kannada. Why would we not oblige! Once we were done capturing the serenity around, Nikhil went on to find a quiet secluded space for our lunch break. We climbed up a bit to reach this spot and the elevated view made the lake look at its best! The blue color was more prominent, and this spot was like having a wide angle view through our eyes! While our eyes had their feast, we grabbed the food for our tummy’s feast 😛 Sevaiya, crunchy poha and cake was on the menu! We had plenty of time – eating and talking and having fun amidst nature. It was indeed an amazing time spent, given that almost all of us were North karnataka people and talking our heart out in the hubli kannada accent was such a joy 😀

As the time passed, more and more people were coming in and the place was becoming crowded. It was around 2:15pm. We had our share of joy witnessing the pristine lake, and decided to walk back. But surprises weren’t over yet! We overheard a lady point out that there was a person walking on a rope between the two tall mountains! And yes, we could spot him! As tall as the Liberty Bells stood, between two peaks, we could see a rope tied, and a person walking on it! This left us spell-bound – adventure at its peak (metaphorically and literally too 😛 ) Of late, we have been witnessing more people venturing outdoors and doing something so daring that it becomes one of the few highlights of our trip 😀

A glimpse of tight rope walking

After packing up and getting down, we decided to simply cross the creek this time instead of jumping on those tree logs. The initial half of the descent was slow especially with those snowy patches all along. As we crossed these rough areas and those fallen trees, our pace increased. Walking and talking and getting down, we reached the trailhead at almost 4pm. Nikhil decided to take us all to one of his all-time favorites, the Washington Pass overlook, hoping the roads would be open at this time and we could drive all the way up. We reached the viewpoint parking area, walked a bit to get to the look-out. Everyone loved the spot, it is indeed one of PNW’s best! Standing at an elevation of around 2000ft and looking at the highway SR20 winding amidst pine trees on both sides, with liberty bell on the right, snow-dressed mountains in the middle and those jagged peaks of the Kangaroo ridge on the left. This is truly a soul rejuvenating sight! Some more work to our lenses, and some peaceful moments followed.

We then headed back and drove to the Diablo Lake Lookout. Priyanka was keen on seeing this, Amit hadn’t seen it either. While we drove back through the SR20 towards Diablo, we could see so many trailheads with over-flowing parking lots, especially the Ross Dam one. There were similar scenes at the Diablo Lake – a lot more people! The clouds had cleared around noon and we had a nice and clear view of the lake, beautiful as always. But I guess Blue Lake had won our hearts as it was a complete package! Also probably because the efforts to get to it made it further more pleasing. Diablo was good, but you know what I mean! 😀 After spending a few minutes here, we decided to visit the ice cream as planned. There is a family owned farm called the Cascadia Farms in the foothills of the North Cascades and it has become a ritual to visit it whenever we are near-by. It would close by 6pm and we raced against time through those curvy roads, to reach there at 5:57pm! Literally! And to note that the last 5 mile drive was to be retraced owing to a road closure. We rushed in and ordered something in the nick of the time! Although due to Covid the experience wasn’t great – there weren’t many options, nor there was any seating in the farm. Nevertheless, we decided to have more food – Priyanka’s special pulao this time alongside some more cake. This time the ice cream shop’s parking lot became our lunch spot. After finishing up, we saw that everyone around had departed, and we decided to play frisbee! It was good long frisbee time and was such a nice way to end the day! It’s rare to get a chance to play beside tall lush green hills on a beautiful green grass, and we made the most of it 🙂 It was around 6:30pm when we decided to call it a day. 

Frisbee at Cascadia farms

It was around 9pm when we reached Seattle, met at Charu’s place again to bid good-byes. Cherishing the wonderful moments and pledging to go on more such hikes, we departed and were back home after a day that was totally worth it! 🙂 🙂 Amit claimed this to be his favorite outing till now in the PNW and we couldn’t agree more! We absolutely love love love this place and will keep coming back to it frequently! 🙂 🙂

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Birthday retreat – A visit to Orcas

I sure turned a year older this birthday, but it was different from all my previous ones! The first one post my wedding, the first one away from India and my whole family and friends circle, more so, the first one with Nikhil around! 🙂 He’s someone who feels birthdays are overrated and doesn’t get much excited. But knowing that I consider this a special day, and the fact that it was my first one away from home, he made sure this one feels special to me. Right from planning a wonderful three day vacation to a surprise video with wishes from all my close friends and family, from booking a relaxing time at a spa to taking me on a gorgeous hike, he filled my day with intricately thought-out elements that certainly made it perfect!

We visited Orcas and San Juan Islands, to north of Seattle. The Airbnb place was like ‘Love at first sight’! 😀 I instantly became a fan of that home and it deserves special mention. Named ‘Eagle Ridge Guesthouse’, it was located in a quiet private neighborhood on Orcas a few miles away from the town of Eastsound. It was artistic with all the adorable collections that filled every nook and corner. As the hosts Jodi and Daniel rightly called it, it was a “Thin Place”, a place of energy and purity! The whole idea was that the guests spend time together away from their usual technology driven time. They had nice books to read, paints and sketch books, chess, playing cards, ‘know-each-other’ cards (one of them probably custom-made by Jodi) to name a few.

The exterior of the house flaunted a lush green garden. Another highlight was the hot-tub – well placed amidst the tall green trees around, with the vacation home in the background, giving that panoramic view as far as the eyes could see! There was also a huge patio adjacent to it from where we watched the sunset. The experience was mystical and magical – we saw it all : the misty evening, the clear-view morning, the colorful sunset, the glittering night sky, the cloud covered bay with mountains doing a sneak-peek! Nikhil had surprised me with this selection 🙂

The video snippets from friends and family was endearing too. I was so overwhelmed seeing the people whom I love wishing me and sharing their special messages that I felt blessed to have them all in my life!

This birthday was probably my best till date! 🙂 Something I would cherish for a long long time 🙂

Places Visited :

  • Orcas Island – Mt.Constitution, Turtleback Mountain, Eastsound, Crescent Beach
  • San Juan Island – Lime Kiln State Park, South Beach, McMillin Mausoleum
  • Ferry Rides between islands


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Oregon Coast : Beauty and the Beast

May 10-12th, 2019
Shoreline Drive and ATV ride

The nature has such diversity to itself that it never ceases to enthrall and empower while also being able to pacify and please every patron or a critic likewise. One can get lost in the heavenly beauties of the serene scenes, or get galvanized upon subscribing to audacious adventures! A sane balance of both these facets is what we experienced on our weekend getaway to the wondrous Oregon coast.

This was the roadtrip we were planning since a couple of months with Nikhil’s friend Rahul and his wife Siddhi accompanying us. All of us were pretty excited. We started from Seattle at 10am on that friday and the day’s agenda was to drive through the ‘scenic US highway 101’. Driving south initially through I5, we soon diverted towards 101 near Astoria, where we had lunch at the pier 11 pizza onlooking the columbia river, surrounding mountains and long famous Astoria-Megler bridge. After this delicious lunch and some yummy ice-creams on the way, we continued driving. The curvy roads at an elevation alongside the shoreline with tall lush green mountains on one side, vast and beautiful pacific ocean beholding rocks, houses/resorts, viewpoints on the other — this is one of the best drives I have ever been on! After driving through a long stretch of this scenic highway, we reached the airbnb vacation home booked at the Oregon coast city Waldport, at around 7pm.

The rhythmic roar of Pacific waters, the sea-bed extending so far and wide that the gaze covered entire horizon, the waves crashing against the shore, the gritty sand showcasing waverly patterns — witnessing these comforting and enthralling scenes beyond the glass walls, we stood, in sheer joy! This was the sight from our airbnb vacation home! We could not have asked for anything more in this setup – the first floor hosted a lovely living room, two sides opening up into several large windows almost covering the whole wall, cozy furniture collection, sharing an open kitchen whose counters also offered this beautiful sneak-peek outside, the ground floor having a bedroom opening up into a beautiful deck having barbecue grill and the classic wooden seating, stairs down to a backyard which directly opened up onto the sands! Yes! We fell in love with this lovely vacation home 🙂  The Walk down the backyard offered a breathtaking sunset view – the orange balloon floating on the vast water bed, gradually descending down, leaving a beautiful orange tint which reached all the way to the shore, finally going down after putting up a colorful show on the horizon! The chilled waters were pleasant to see, but put us into playing kabaddi with them! We also played frisbee, had a long jump competition on the sands and so on. A lot of fog and mist gradually encircled the beach at dusk, which added to its beauty while giving us a feel of being on a private beach! The colder surroundings made us head back home. Our bedroom housed huge window on the beach side. Sleeping to the rhythmic buzz of the waves and waking up the next day to see the beach and the sand directly from our bed felt like a bliss 🙂 Never before had I stayed so close to the sea! Full marks to this vacation home on everything!

The kitchen was well-equipped, it had an amazing collection of cutlery too. We relished fluffy and tasty omelettes alongside the crispy garlic bread toast sandwiches filled with yummy aloo stuffing, variety of veggies marinated and baked to awesomeness, also had nicely heated up methi parathas, chana masala and mutter pulao.  We had a charming double date on the shore, with Rahul-Siddhi accompanying us on this trip. Lovely people they are and we all had a very nice time together!

Not just the shoreline drive, also the vacation home contributed to the beauty of this weekend getaway. But what was the ‘beast’ then? Here comes the powerful 900cc two seater ATV which we drove! Going up and down the dunes, doing lateral curved turns and skids, gearing up through the changing arenas of sand — this was an experience one of its kind! The Oregon Sand dunes at Florence was the abode of all these thrilling ventures. Some of the world’s largest and most beautiful dunes are located on the Central Oregon Coast. Glistening valleys, vast hills of shifting sand, the desert atmosphere make these dunes truly a must see!

Full marks to fun and excitement : we started off with an exciting guided 1 hour Sand Rail Tour from the Torex ATV Rentals, which helped us explore what’s in store on the dunes. It was a 6 seater ATV, and the tour guide took us all around showing different terrains, marked up regions, tree islands and water bodies while giving us thrilling and beastful experience of the highs and lows of the shifting sand. He also made us understand key protocols to be followed while riding these dunes on our own : like locating a fellow rider from a decent distance using the tall orange flags attached to their ATV, identifying deep fall patterns of sand and technique to avoid them, wet sand around water bodies and distance to be kept around them, and so on. It indeed was an adventurous tour where we also saw multiple two-seater, single seater bikes, 6 seater-tour ATVs putting up stuntful show while we experienced one awesome ride. After heading back to the ATV rental booth, we signed up for a one hour 4-seater 900cc ride to further explore the dunes on our own. Nikhil having had an experience of driving a similar one before, started off and took us to the dunes. We were by ourselves and even more excited; he tried mimicking few portions from what our guide had taken us on previously. After few minutes of fun on the wheels, he offered Rahul to check-out the ride. Rahul was pretty comfortable and did wonderful on the dunes. We were in for more adventure! There was also a couple of small hiccups: first one when our ATV got stuck in the sand while attempting to go over a steep uphill dune, where we all got out of the ATV, pulled off sand beneath each tyre to make room for movement. It was also heartening to see so many fellow ATV riders stopped by to offer help! As Rahul accelerated, we could see the sand sprinkling out like a water fountain from behind! 😀 Another time, as we drove close to a tree island, all of a sudden the ATV kind-of halted not moving an inch ahead only for us to realize that the gear chain got cut-off! Getting out of the ATV, we could see the leather pieces fallen on the track we followed! We called up the rental guys and they were to our rescue in less than 10 mins to replace the gear while they swapped out ATV with a new one. Our fun continued!  

Me and Siddhi were excited and nervous at the same time, for as much fun it seemed, riding it was scary and dangerous too! Specially because it was our first time! I recollect reading a bill-board of some advertisement on our drive the previous day which read “When was the last time you did something for the first time?!” That was an inspiration! What a coincidence! It would be my very first time on the sand dunes, and of course my first ride on an ATV! There were butterflies in my stomach because of the sheer excitement! 😀 Siddhi was still not so keen to ride it, but I still wanted to. Nikhil offered me to try it out, and I hesitantly got on the wheels. I started off slowly being over cautious, gradually speeding up. I mostly drove on relatively flat dunes to get the hang of it, and eventually started exploring more uneven dunes. My initial feeling of scare also gradually turned into a thrill! I was shouting out of excitement at times and the joy on my face was evident 🙂 Looking at me doing it, Siddhi got excited and she agreed to ride the beast too; we had more fun except for a small portion where we bumped into a sand pit and felt some sudden jerk! Well that is what it is all about, it is not called the “beast” just like that! Everyone was fine and we continued riding more. Very soon it was time to head back. With a bundle of vivid experiences of this 1-hr ride we headed back to the rental location.

ATV ride was the main agenda of this trip and Nikhil and I kept wanting more! We chose to go back to the dunes for another hour! This time on a 2-seater 900cc beast, and I took control right from the rental location. It was roughly a half mile ride before we reached the dunes and navigated through the woods into the dunes; very soon reaching the wide open sand terrain! This time I was feeling more relieved and free – Of Course, it is only your husband with you and you can be as crazy and kiddo as you want! 😉 I started attempting more uneven dunes very early in the ride and drove up a very high dune, suddenly to realize it was a steep fall down! Nothing on the other side would be visible unless you climb up the top. Luckily I had breaks at that very moment, and retrieved the course of my ride! That moment gave me shivers! After this, there were plenty such goosebump moments where I tried riding across a very steep uphill several times, drove on full speed around small ups and downs of sand, drove up a very high dune and stopped to see fantastic views all-around, and so on. After I had satisfying time behind the wheel, Nikhil took over and then we had some real beastful experience! He tried many skids on the sand, several wavy dune areas, a couple of deep fall courses and much more! It was evident on his face that he was absolutely loving it, so was I 🙂 We had one heck of an experience! We switched seats a couple more times and further explored the arena; very soon our time ran out and we headed back. This first-time experience filled my excitement to the brim, and I was happy to have really tried something for a first-time. It sure motivated me to try out more, and I shall soon.

We drove back and had a late lunch at a beautiful river-side Italian restaurant, got back to our lovely vacation home, relaxed for sometime and then spent some nice time together. We played a lot of fun games on a VR playstation, the Nintendo Switch Wi, that was available at the vacation home! Cool isn’t it? We explored Bowling, Tennis, Golf and many more games on it! It was indeed a relaxing night. Next morning we checked out and visited a Tillamook Cheese Factory on the way back – the tour was informative as we walked past every stage of cheese making process while having a look at the live equipments pushing out huge blocks of packed cheese. Best part of this visit was that we could taste variety of cheese pieces for free! Yummy! We also relished the delicious garlic cheese fries on the way back. Rahul drove the entire stretch back and this was the first time Nikhil and I had time together on a drive (Else, he usually drives and we don’t have relaxing time together). We kept talking, playing and enjoying nice views together all-along. We visited ‘Bollywood Theatre’, an Indian restaurant in Portland where we had some delicious Vada-pav, Pav bhaji and a couple other eateries. Our ride continued, we saw the mighty Mt.Hood (which is like the Mt. Rainier of Oregon) and several other beautiful places on the way back.

This trip was rightly a ‘Beauty and Beast’ experience for me with serene shoreline drive, soulful beach and vacation home time, lovely tour buddies, enthralling ATV ride and much more! Truly a worth remembering ‘first-time’ something for me! So, get out and try something for the first time! Be a neophile! It is always more fun and amazing inspiration!

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Snowshoeing to Skyline Lake and Beyond

Hiked on : Sunday, 10th March 2019
Elevation Gain : 1500ft
Distance : 3.6 miles round-trip (Ascent – 2 miles, Descent – 1.6 miles)
Activity Overview

A quiet Sunday afternoon, no one around, standing on top of a mountain – amidst tall pine trees, scanning the horizon from left to right, I closed my eyes, stretched my arms wide, tilted my head upward facing the sky, and with all courage, fell back in a free-fall. Thud came the sound! Aw! Well, it definitely wasn’t an attempt to injure myself, but an act of sheer joy 😀 There was a flat smooth blanket of snow beneath me providing an amazing cushion for the fall! Lying down like this, on the shores of the frozen Skyline lake felt so relaxing! Yes, this was one of the moments from another lovely snowshoeing venture on a late-winter weekend.

Our journey started at 7:30am on that Sunday morning after we had a check of all necessary hiking gear and food to be taken along. The trailhead to this hike is approximately 80 miles drive from Seattle and is on the way to Leavenworth.The drive took us 1hr 45 min to reach the parking area opposite to the Stevens Pass Ski resort, driving on US highway 2 and further. Heading out, gearing up with the snow-pants, gloves, beanie and goggles, and carrying the microspikes and snowshoes along, we started the hike at 9:30am on the service road to the west of the parking area.

This winter in Washington and the pacific northwest was special in a way that it had seen greater amounts of snowfall all-around. The trail thus had snow right from the start-point; we began walking on only our boots for initial distance considering fairly hard firm snow. Very soon we had to switch to Microspikes or Snowshoes as the trail was turning out to be more snowy and slushy. We decided to put on Snowshoes, hoping that they would be a better choice further ahead on the trail. The initial climb was steep with distinct paths visible for skiers and snowshoers. The weather was cold too and that resulted in my blocked nose adding to the trouble of steep tiring climb. Yet, we kept walking and after some huff-puff and a decent amount of coverage we reached a Radio tower. The route to Skyline Lake is northwest from this point, leaving the service road and we followed the trail. We took many short breaks that helped me gather my breath and feel better. At the same time, we also enjoyed beautiful views of the Ski resort and the mountains across.

About an hour of climb opened up into something that resembled a huge playground with white glittering floor and tall green pine trees acting like a fence all-around. It was an absolutely amazing sight! Oh yes, this was the Skyline Lake! Frozen to the brim , with fresh layer of thick soft snow. There were only few people around savoring the beauty; Nikhil and I paused for a couple of moments before continuing to cut-through the snowy pathway right in the middle of the Skyline Lake. This was wonderful, but something ahead was better. In about 15 mins, following the ridge west for a quarter of a mile, we reached the beautiful rock garden just before a steep high point on the ridge. It featured enormous rocks, some huge house-sized and these looked splendid covered in fresh snow. We climbed up on one such huge rock that was relatively flat and was a good place to sit down and behold the picturesque views all-around. It turned out to be a bright sunny day with clear skies, building up the warmth around. By this time, I was breathing easy and relieved of the initial tiresome ascent.

Sitting on top facing the Steven Pass Ski resort, we got a panoramic view of all the four types of ski lines and the lifts – the green line in the middle just adjacent to the magic carpet, the blue one next to it, black and double-black towards the left, another line to the extreme right with periodic bumps for ski stunts. This was the same ski resort where I enjoyed snow showers on my very first outing in US to Leavenworth; looking at it from an elevation flashed those scenes on top of my mind and it was a nice feeling. Also the fact that I recently had started learning skiing made the views more relatable. But the best part up there was that the place was not at all crowded; there were only two more people on the summit and probably two more walking the ridge on hind side. Nikhil pointed to the Tye Peak on our left asking if I would want to climb some portion of it. It looked steep and I said, “In sometime”. He went on to explore the other side of the ridge and I stayed at the rock garden. In few minutes I saw him climbing up that slopy stretch! “Careful” I thought to myself, also, “I wanted to do it too! Huh!”. While I sat gazing at the horizon for sometime, the other two summiteers prepared to depart after which I had the whole place for myself! Soothing! I felt very peaceful on this snow-couch. Soon Nikhil returned and we opened up our packed lunch and relished the tasty pulao – it was like a date on the summit amidst glittering white wonder 🙂 We saw a couple of airplanes flying at a distance and leaving prominent white trails in the sky, which added to the beauty of serene scenes around. After more than an hour at the summit, another hiker came in; he offered for a couple of clicks, and why would we deny 😀 We posed, we then clicked more pictures, videos and experimented a ‘reflection in my glasses’ click. After a while, we put-on our snowshoes and backpacks to try that peak again. Walking on the hindside of the ridge, we saw more beautiful views of the tall and pointed Glacier peak and many more surrounding mountains.

This last portion of climb was steep and snowy, and I had to be focussed and careful. I followed Nikhil’s footsteps as he guided me up the hill to a point well past mid-way of Tye’s peak. What I witnessed from there was totally breathtaking! An even better and elevated view of everything around, including the Rock Garden where we had rested a while ago! It was just lovely! Looking back on the other side, the lined up cascades were stunning too. Having no idea of what this hike would be like when we started, little did I expect such views. Again, it was only two of us up there, and it felt merrier 🙂 We spent some peaceful and blissful time enjoying the beauty around and each-others company. We clicked more pictures; we saw a rock naturally decorated with snow and it resembled a person’s face, was nice. After few minutes, looking around one last time, we started the downward journey. Getting down was scarier and I had to be extra-cautious. I avoided looking down directly, for the deep valley would be more frightening; and kept focussing on every footstep following Nikhil’s way. It took more time to get down to the rock garden after which we walked around a bit amidst the tall rocks; the scene looked like a fantastic wall-paper! We indulged in some fun by rolling down small balls of snow which formed shapes that resembled cinnamon rolls rolling down 😀 The quite snowy mountain top had kindled the child within us 🙂

We walked back to the Skyline lake after having spent ample amount of time at the landmarks above it. To our surprise, there was nobody there too! We indulged in more funny activities : did several free-falls on snow, played catch – catch with a bottle cap (diving on snow for those catches was fun), carved large-sized N-D with our snowshoes and recorded few of these crazy moments on our cellphones. Just when we thought we had enough fun and decided to start the descent, we saw a couple of people getting down – a man with his pet dog, and a skier. Luckily we had wrapped up our craziness by this time and no one witnessed:D As we walked back, we saw another group sunbathing at the other end of the lake. It was already 2:30pm by then, and we tried looking for shortcuts to reach down. Making way through the tall pine trees was fun, and I enjoyed this portion as well 🙂 After a point, we joined the main service road trail and walked down on it, also ran down a few steep sections ( thanks to gravity and its pull 😛 ) Somewhere well-past mid-way, we saw snow structures that resembled fencing for tents – it was done by a training group I suppose; we had seen a bunch of people with a trainer on our way up. We continued walking down and after like an hour of entire descent, we reached the trailhead. Here we stopped to celebrate the completion of our hike and to get rid of our snowshoes. This was when we saw a group of 4 people who sledged down the path, it was faster and must have been much more fun (and of-course less tiring 😉 ). Wondering how strong the sleds were, Nikhil got so curious that he went on to enquire only to realize that the guy had bought them back in his childhood and he claimed that they probably don’t make such sleds anymore! Sad!

Well, all these were our bundle of experiences on this superb snowshoeing hike – nice elevation, a good climbing exercise and wonderful views. Another amazing feather on our hat of outdoor adventures as a couple! We reached the parking lot, un-geared and drove back home. By this time, I had become pretty comfortable with snowshoes and thus, this hike to Skyline lake was a very rewarding experience that filled me with plenty of cherishable moments and left me with furthermore cravings to venture into the ever pleasing mother nature 🙂

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