Sirsi Marikamba Jatre

Here is a short video I made on the biggest festival of my favorite place, Sirsi. Tried to cherish and document the old memories I carry. Best viewed in 480px(Resolution) and above.


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Uttarakhand, this one is for you

RunningWrath of nature is terrible. There are no specific warnings, no fixed course of destruction and none to blame for. Such a thing happened recently in Uttarakhand, India which took thousands of life and displaced around half a lakh. The fact that I had visited that place – just days before destruction – made me feel worse that I couldn’t come handy for the people there. Decathlon Sarjapur – backed by  Rotary club of Bangalore Lakeside –  organised a 5 km/10km fund raising run for helping the people affected in the Himalayan Tsunami in Uttarakhand. My Rupin trek friends invited me for it and I agreed cuz I had hardly given any work to my body since the trek(1 month ago). We, who were termed as “Rescue Runners”, got together at Decathlon Sarjapur at around 6.15 A.M. and started the run by 7 A.M. At the registration desk I had just signed for 10km without thinking much. Few dogs in a village spoiled my dreams of making my longest continuous run. Unlike last time I finished it without any major pain though few of us took a detour due to miscommunication. So, I guess I am ready for Half marathon (21km). I felt proud cuz this time my prayers for people of Uttarakhand were through this run. I stayed back for stretching exercises after the certificate collection. During Ab exercises I felt like my organs were dismantled and the back of my clothes had a darker shade once I was done with everything. ButtButt stretching exercise was a new thing which I learnt here. It was peaceful gazing the passing clouds lying down on the football field after the run. I hope for this peace for eternity.

Nikhil Navali

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Midnight Marathon

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RunningFinished the 10k Midnight Marathon with thousands of other runners at KTPO, Bangalore on 15th December 2012. It was quite tough for me, but it was doable with lots of walking in between. Finished the race in 73 minutes. Though most of the times I felt people were just overtaking me, still I am glad that I could run the finish line 🙂 It was my first marathon and first ever medal in my life. Medal Anyways this event was called Midnight Marathon which was sponsored my many companies and the specific race which I took part in was Target 10k. The Gold medal went to a person who finished the race in 31 minutes 36 seconds.

Nikhil Navali

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Last day at RNSIT

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My last day at RNSIT(16-6-2011). Finished with my engineering course yesterday. I was happy only for few hours, but the thought that I should bid good-bye to RNSIT today, consumed me. As I dusted my belongings, memories started carving out of those dust particles which made me recall the last four years. The last three years of my life were the most peaceful in my life. eating like Bakasur, sleeping like Kumbhkaran, wow!!!, I wonder when will I be so tension free in the future. The hostel added many advantages. Though I dint have home’s comfort, tasty food, friends made my stay like in a world only of joy, care. All you need is just a heart to let others in. I used to run home, whenever I got holidays in first year, but its dead opposite now. When frens wished me for the future with a smile, those moments, I realized what I had earned in these four years. A barely social person in PUC, made such an impact, all thanks to this place which healed me. I can proudly say later, this was the place where I got shaped for adulthood. The wonderful moments spent in the college and hostel are unforgettable. I regret, I was waiting for this moment four years back. How I wish if there was more time. As the time passed , we frens got more closer, and when we were at the peak, the end of engineering pushed us down. But am sure we will reach that acme again. We will meet in future guys. Am very grateful to my alma mater for the knowledge and accolades. Thanks to everyone in the hostel with whom I took every step in the walk of engineering. Finally, I should mention my gratitude towards the whole Computer Science dept. for making the course much easier.

Nikhil Navali

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Red stadium !!!

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For the first time I was in at the Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bangalore to watch a cricket match on 22nd May 2011. It was a battle between RCB (\m/) vs CSK ! A crucial match for RCB since winning it would secure its position among the top 2 in the DLF IPL 2011 playoffs. The euphoria was awesome. The Mexican wave, Mexican Wave frequent kannada songs, funny comments were an icing on the cake. I could capture many glimpses of this cuz I had smuggled my digicam in. More than the match, enjoyed the activities around. We joined the crowd in firing endless comments on CSK’s poor batting. I came up with a new name for them with regard to their batting, Chennai Single Kings!!!Gayle’s sixes were an awesome show! The ball rushing towards us like a fierce meteoroid was a priceless watch indeed!!! A li’l disappointed though since the ball fell twice only 10 m short from us! The stadium was filled with vibrant RED! Not to forget, RCB won!!!!! Tuzky dance Thanks to Aditya for inviting me. Had gr8 fun!!!

Nikhil Navali

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