Hike on PCT at Steven’s pass

It was raining in the morning which turned to snow en-route the meetup location. We drove to Steven’s pass and snow was accumulated on the road just before the pass. This was the first time I drove my car on snow and I was excited. As soon as we reached the parking lot, the organizer started testing his car on snow and I followed the same. It was fun to run my Crosstrek through the snow. Given the snowfall and weather, we changed the hike to climb the mountain instead of Lake Valhalla. There was fresh powder all around and it was beautiful to walk through it. We reached one of the top of ski lifts, had lunch and got back. It was short and quick hike but a sweet one. I knew many people on the hike and it was like a nice get together. The fall colors were on display while driving back and the mist and snow added more beauty to it.

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Hike to Lake Ingalls

A hike to a ridge on Mt Shuksan was scheduled on this day around 6 months earlier and I was eagerly waiting for it. Due to unavailability of the meetup organizer the hike got cancelled. The forecast for the day was not bad and I definitely didn’t want to sit at home without a hike on this day. So just the day before, I signed up for Lake Ingalls hike and only 3 of us made it to the hike and needless to say, it was fantastic.

It was an early start, we left the Park and Ride by 6AM and started our hike by 8 AM. It was still very cold, so I had my gloves on from the trailhead. The first part of the hike was usual winter microspikes hike with snow dusted mountains around. The actual party started after the ridge where we could see Mt Stuart up close, golden larches and many other peaks around.


Mt Stuart came in between clouds path and was reshaping the clouds. A venticular like saucer formation was being created. Golden larches, wherever and however they were looked royal and its bright colors on white snow and dark surrounding background was a sight to behold. The larches adorned the trail too and it felt like mother nature had decorated for us to walk beneath them.


The vista kept getting better and I was thoroughly enjoying the treat. After crossing another small ridge, we reached the lake which didn’t fail to surprise us as well. With the surrounding white snow and granite mountains all around, it looked serene.


We had lunch from a high ground. It got windy and cold, so I started retreating soon. I met my ex-teammate on the trail which was a nice coincidence. The weather got better when we reached the small ridge which allowed us to enjoy the larches in the warm sunny weather from there on. The larches shone bright and it was fantastic to walk again alongside the larches. There was a tea cup on the saucer by now.


My fellow hiker was wanting to catch some mountain goats and they too were there, I could see 7 of them in a single frame. Standing on the edge braving the wind with blue sky behind, they looked impressive. The white fir and pointed horns were all in display.


We were so happy that everything came together so well today: weather, larches, mountains, snow, goats and views. I gladly accepted this as a birthday present from mother nature.

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Scramble to French Cabin West Peak

An action filled misty day where we experienced rains, snow, hailstorms, wind, Sun and rainbow combined with a scramble. I got up at 5:30 AM and had all the time to get ready but guess what did I forget to carry for the hike, my hiking shoes. I realized this in the park and ride while I met the group and since it was a short 6 mile hike and Michael didn’t mention any scrambling or craziness, I thought I could pull it off without my hiking shoes. I was wearing my daily wear shoes which doesn’t have much grip. It was cloudy and the rains started soon as we started driving to the trailhead. We started the hike in rains and first 1.5 miles was on a normal trail. Few sections was very beautiful with the fog and fall colors. The trail was bit wider than usual and I wondered if people mountain biked here. I was thinking that I would have needed my hiking shoes on any other Michael’s hike, but this was ok. I was soon proved wrong when Derek and Michael decided to start exploring alternative route to summit. For the next mile, it was on steep sections with loose mud/gravel with fog, rains and snow. Some sections were on a narrow ridge and it was like Angel’s landing without chains. The fog made it all the more dramatic. I was very careful with my steps and anticipated slips on tricky sections. Sometimes Sun broke out to give us green views all around which reminded me of Western Ghats. Soon cold wind started picking up and by the time we were at the summit it was snowing and it kept getting colder. My gloves were wet and my fingers were nearing to freeze. I had experienced worse, so I knew I could handle and just waited to start descending after lunch and regroup. It was fun group with lots of jokes and almost everyone made it to the summit. Fortunately, descending was not that bad and my shoes held on while descended using branches whenever I could. I was glad to reach the flat part of the trail safely. That was quite an adventure, thankfully there weren’t big rocks to traverse on. We saw mountain bikers on the way back. We finished the hike relatively faster this time and I was back at Seattle by 6:30 PM.

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Hike to Yellow Aster Butte

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Yellow Aster Butte was a long pending one and I was waiting for fall colors to do this hike. I met the meetup group at the Park and Ride and started the 2:30 hr drive. Highway 542 was windy and the road near trail head was a bit sketchy. I enjoyed driving my Crosstrek at both the places. It was around 10:15 AM by the time we started our hike. It was cloudy but a pleasant day. The interesting part about the trail was that after half the hike, you can see almost the entire route up-to false summit. Around 2/3 of the hike was above tree line and the surrounding views were beautiful and it only got better. We reached the base of the false summit where I could see numerous campsites facing Mt Shuksan and Baker. I wondered how awesome camping there would be. We had lunch at the false summit and then I hiked to true summit where I could see more awesome mountains and Tomyhoi lake. En route, I could see campsites surrounded with patches of lakes and grey rocks. It felt so nice, that I just sat there until my meetup buddies came back from the summit. There were numerous people with their pets and kids. They were having their sweet little time with nature. I somehow felt this was like mini Enchantments. The place had a near 360 deg view and I felt so good that I didn’t want to be anywhere else in the world at that time. I feel so privileged that I could experience such beauty with only hours drive from home. I was chatting with a young forest ranger girl while descending and it was interesting to know about her. I didn’t have much trouble with the neck this time and thoroughly enjoyed the hike.

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Zion and Bryce National Park – 2017

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After scratching the surface in Utah during my last trip, I had always thought of going back and covering depths of National Parks. Narrows and Angel’s landing were long pending hikes, so I chose to visit Zion and Bryce National Park during the Labor Day weekend. As my geeky friend Alok mentioned, it was DFS than BFS this time. We ventured into the Zion narrows walking in the Virgin river, braved heights to reach Angel’s landing, did mountain biking at 11,000 feet, experienced amazing hoodoos at Bryce and stayed at an awesome Airbnb house at Brain Head.

Unexpectedly, 9 people were ready for the trip and all the bookings were made comparatively late this time. I booked a 15 seater Van through Costco Travels which worked out to be extremely economical ($587 for 4 days with full insurance and 2 additional drivers). 6 of us flew from Bay Area and 3 from Seattle. We had an early morning flight to Las Vegas and it was 9:30 AM by the time we met everyone at a Las Vegas hotel. We spent some time shopping and having breakfast and hit the road to Zion National Park with 9 people in Ford Transit Van. I was scared at times driving the van since it wobbled at high speeds.

Day 1 – Crowded Zion National Park

We had lunch at a Mexican restaurant at SpringDale and entered Zion National park. It was very hot with temperatures rising upto 37 C. Vehicles were parked on the streets miles ahead of the visitor center and slowly we started to realize how crowded the park was. We found a paid parking spot and got onto the shuttle for Emerald pool hike. Due to the narrow canyon, popularity and high number of visitors, Zion NP mandates the usage of shuttles for getting to places in the park. I was quite impressed at the frequency and efficiency of the shuttles. We got down at our stop and started the hike to lower Emerald pools. The weather was quite pleasant in the canyon and it was a short walk to the pools. I didn’t find the place anything great but it was a decent start for the trip walking in the canyon. Somehow Zion didn’t feel quite as magical as last time – maybe due to the crowd and heat. We then went to Zion Adventure Co. to collect gears for Narrows hike. We had a short orientation, collected Neoprene socks, Canyoneering shoes and a walking stick. A guy there expected next day to be the busiest day of the year at the park. Narrows hike was my main agenda for the trip, so I had left no stone unturned to make that happen. Knowing the crowds, heat and the length of the hike, I had planned to leave very early for the hike. We packed for the morning breakfast and lunch and started with 1.5 hr drive to Airbnb place.

People were getting restless with the drive since it was far from the park. The AirBnb house was located at a ski-town named Brian Head which is at an elevation of 9800 ft. It was late night and at first we went to some other house and started entering the key at the door. My friend Karthik explains this better – “This place looked straight out of late 90’s horror movies. We walked through the creaking wooden platform towards the cob webbed building entrance. The lobby even had abandoned toys and dusty piano. The night was eerily silent. The fact that Akhil and I mentioned seeing a black shadow flying on the road on the way to this place still weighed heavily on our minds. And then we saw our room: a dark brown heavy wooden door with an omnious sign which read, “Garcia’s head out” written in Gypsy Curse font! Akhil and Nikhil took a couple of steps back while I confidentally went ahead and entered the access code! Nothing! The door did not open. Partly relived and partly worried, we headed out to the van, not knowing what to do now. And then it hit us! We were in the wrong building”. The actual Airbnb house was fantastic with 3 bed and 3 baths where 11 people could sleep. The house had all the essentials for living and most of the walls were adorned with various things. Akhil was very curious and started exploring the place. I really loved the feel of it and was glad that we chose to stay there. We retired for sleep soon since we had to get up early.

Day 2 – Zion Narrows hike

In the morning, Alok mistakenly had started eating my sub and I resorted to bread-jam. We packed the essentials – food, water, layers, gears for the hike and left the place at 5:30 AM. We reached Zion NP and we parked the van in oversized parking where only 1 spot was filled. There was already a huge line for the shuttles and it was around 8:45 AM by the time we reached the trailhead at Temple of Sinawava. Zion Narrows hike is a walk in the Virgin river which traverses in the canyon it cut through from millions of years. There are 2 approaches top-down which requires permit and bottom up which doesn’t require permit upto a certain distance. We were doing the most common bottom-up hike and I wanted to all of us to finish the Wall Street section atleast which was around 8 miles round trip. We started with the paved riverwalk first which was already quite crowded. Akhil was carrying a can of water by itself and although he was confident to carry during the hike, it fell and broke within 200 meters on the trail. Soon we reached the river and started walking in it. We instantly realized the importance of the waterproof socks and even though we were in the water with slippery stones, the socks and shoes gave enough support for the walk. Water was just knee level deep for most of the section and we enjoyed this unique experience. We encountered a waterfall, numerous bends, canyon walls on the side and many people. The weather was quite pleasant and we made good progress. I ensured we all took breaks and were appropriately nutritioned. I was enjoying the beauty all around and especially liked the combination of still huge canyon walls and flowing water. It was amazing to stand in the Virgin river with different shades of red all around.

Slowly the river got narrow and we were in the famous Wall Street section where the river was just 30 feet wide at some places. From there on I decided to split the group and I joined the fast walkers to make it to as far as possible. We reached a spot where the water was over 5 feet high and we carried our bags on shoulder to cross. Deepak didn’t know swimming and went into deeper section where he started to drown. He threw the bag in action which had camera but fortunately in a waterproof cover. Even my bag went into the water while saving him. We decided to leave our bags there and continued. We asked oncoming people about the route ahead and they told that it was quite an easy walk and no place had chest deep water. So I decided to turn back since there were no major adventures ahead. We came back to the deep section and I started swimming there. I was just happy with the fact that I was swimming the narrow Virgin river. Some of us explored the Orderville canyon for little distance. Return walk was much quicker than expected. The crowd started getting thicker and at places we could see only people and no natural beauty. It also was quite hot in the afternoon Sun. I quickly marched the rest of the walk falling at few places and decided to take a nap on the riverwalk until everyone had done. I got up and I thought I overslept but few had yet to complete. I then went to Natural Museum for a talk before heading to the van. We had taken 9 hours for 8 mile roundtrip walk in the virgin river. But we spent ample time for photos, breaks and fun. It started raining when we were in parking lot which brought down the temperatures. Everyone were quite tired and we drove to Brain Head for dinner. We watched a movie after the dinner and retired to sleep. People were happy that they didn’t have to get up early in the morning.

Day 3 – Mountain Biking, ATV and Bryce National Park

We slept to our content, spent quality morning time sipping coffee and left to explore outdoor activities. After roaming around multiple offices, we decided to split between ATV and Mountain Biking. MB was long pending and I was interested in it especially due to the availability of ski lift. Deepak and I chose mountain biking and I was ready with gloves, jeans and a jacket. I was quite sure that I would fall and wanted to minimize the bruises. We took the bikes, went on the ski lift which took us to 11k feet and started with the most easiest trail named Color Country. After an easy first few meters, there came a steep section and climb. I was quite fast and I was so imbalanced that I was deciding how to fall easily. But fortunately somehow I was still safe on the bike. The rest of the trail had little difficulties and I thoroughly enjoyed the adrenaline, speed, balance and jerks. The trail was quite rocky which made it little difficult. The last section was in the forest with steep turns which was fun too. Overall, I really enjoyed the biking and I was glad to be safe. But being me, I chose to try the difficult trail next. The ski lift was closed for few minutes due to lighting hazard. A fellow biker told us about the next difficult trail and we chose to do that. The trail was ok for some time and then it kept getting steeper and rockier. Deepak fell and injured himself quite a bit after which we were quite cautious. We walked the bike at very steep sections and avoided jumps. Not sure how, I fell sideways on a flat surface and lightly injured myself too. There was one last jump which I was hesitant given all the injuries but nonetheless made it. It was quite an adventure at the end of it.

Activity Overview

My other friends said they loved their ATV experience. After Pizza lunch, we left for Bryce NP. We chose to do navajo loop trail which starts and ends at Sunset point. This short 1.3 miles hike was extremely beautiful which took us close to Orange hoodoos. Almost entire trail was surrounded with various formations and I enjoyed the entire journey. There was especially on spot close to Sunset point where the closer hoodoos and father hoodoos looked like they belonged two different screens in-front of me. The panoramic views kept getting better as we rose higher and the evening colors were in play. The Sun was behind the clouds, so it was not so bright. We left for Brain Head after dinner and retired for the day.

Day 4 – Angel’s Landing 

My friends had understood the importance of starting early for the hike so this time they themselves were ready before me pushing for it. We checked out the place at around 5:15 AM and left for Zion NP. There weren’t much crowds this day since the long weekend was over. We took the shuttle and reached the trailhead for Angel’s Landing. Angel’s landing is rated as strenuous hike due to the elevation gain and exposed cliffs in the final section. We started with our hike and soon the group got dispersed. First 2 miles was paved but steep hike with decent views around. Actual fun started from the Scout’s lookout. There were chains from there on to help hikers traverse the narrow trail with 1000 ft drop on either sides. I should say that chains really helped and made the hike less terrifying.

There were many people and there were bottlenecks at places which delayed the ascent. I dropped my phone which cracked the screen. Instead of feeling bad, I concentrated on the unique exciting hike and the beauty all around. Slowly and steadily we made it to the summit and spent ample of time clicking photos. There was sheer drop at many of the places and the canyons, red mountains looked fantastic from the summit. We returned after spending around an hour. It had gotten very hot while we were returning. Alok and I washed ourselves in the river and relaxed our feet. After spending enough time at the park and finishing 2 of the most beautiful hikes, my love for Zion had returned. Somehow my watch acted weirdly on all the hikes and gave me wrong stats for the hike. So I wont be posting the activity overview for the hikes.



We left for Las Vegas and boarded our respective flights. I was supposed to reach Seattle by 12:30 AM but I experienced a delay again due to a stupid reason. Apparently, the airlines had over-fueled the flight and were waiting for someone to come and defuel. Even after 2 hours, no one came, so they switched the flights. I was ok this time since I was extremely sleepy and I just slept through the delay. Before landing, I had a dream where in the flight attendants were bracing us for impact by shouting “head, head”. I was surprised that I wasn’t following the orders but realized that it was a dream. Anyways, we landed safely and it was 4 AM by the time I reached home. I have had issues with 4 of my last 6 flights.


  • Narrows hike is an endurance hike and very doable. Make sure that you have waterproof socks and right shoes.
  • Start early for any hike in Zion during summer. The heat makes the hike double difficult.


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