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Family outing at Guhantara resort

Here is a brief video of the family outing we had at Guhantara resort on June 28th 2015. It was delightful to see everyone – from young to old – enjoying the various physical activities.

Best viewed in 480p resolution and above.

For a detailed description about the outing, please refer to my cousin’s blog post who has done a wonderful job in penning the experience.

Nikhil Navali

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A proud Bangalorean

It was an eventful Saturday. “Play Hard, Eat Hard, Work Hard” is the best way I can think of summarizing it.

Play hard:

We(CR11 batch of Deloitte) had successfully completed two years of  corporate life and wanted to celebrate it somewhere out in the weekend. 7 of us met at Lazer Castle, Indiranagar at around 12.15PM and were ready to materialize the office enmity through laser gun battle. Just kidding – enmity, jealousy would be the last words I would use to describe us. We live like a family in Deloitte where one person gets the home made cake and other surprises us with the gifts. Anyways, coming back to laser gun, it was the first time for us all and we were holding laser guns with a feeling that would scare the neighboring countries. Game rules were simple: we were divided across two teams and each one had the opportunity to score by beaming a light at the other team. If we got hit, our jacket’s LED would turn white to denote that we are disabled for shooting for 4 seconds. I always try to make the best of the opportunity, so no sooner the music started, I ran like a rat being chased in a room trying to shoot whoever was in sight. It was a dark radioactive glowed room with obstacles, cupboard shields, etc. It was damn fun disabling other’s gun . We had 15 minutes to score as much as possible and most of us were tired by the end of it. A thought of real armies battle had crossed my mind while playing. They do the same stuff but with 0 chance and more ground to cover – a salute to their strength. We left for lunch after playing Fuse ball and Air Hockey.  By the way Lazer castle is a nice place to spend some time. With the above mentioned games they have few board games in a home like ambiance.

Eat hard:

For lunch, we went to a place called Claytopia. This was quite a place.  They have myriads of white clay that has been molded and fired to about 700 degrees. This is called Bisk, the base to create ceramic ware. You can choose from these pieces and they provide colors to paint them. So when your hand is not busy holding the food, it can be put to use to color your imagination. I ordered an lip-smacking ultimate sausage and ate it with lots of mayonnaise. I had to bid bye to my friends as I had to move somewhere else.

Work hard:

Recently, I am spending quite a time on a website called Meetup. It lists number of groups based on your location and one can register with those depending on their interests. Once in the group, people there organize meetups occasionally for some activity. I had registered for Hadoop group and attended a meetup today. It was a three hour session where I got an introduction on Big Data, learnt about some innovative softwares and met few people. It was an enriching experience.

Icing on the cake:

Yes, even after these momentous experiences, something else made my day. I was on my bike negotiating a curve in high speed and suddenly I heard something crack from my bike which cut the power to wheels. It was around 7.20 PM and I was a km far from the bike service point. Since I don’t know ABC’s of bike, I started pushing it towards the shop. Soon, another rider stopped beside me to inquire about the problem. He not only showed concern, he pushed my bike on the run with his leg for a distance. Tell me guys, how often do you experience such a favor in a big city, that too without asking for it. Nowadays, I gloat with happiness even for a small gesture of care and this event forced me to blog about the day. Even at the bike shop, some unknown person urged the mechanic to check my bike though the mechanic was trying to push the work for next day. Fortunately it was a small problem, chain lock had snapped.

I came back home today with unique experiences in the areas of entertainment, bistro, technology and humanity. I have been in love with Bangalore lately and the city has exceeded expectations. There’s a lot to explore other than Lal Bagh and Malls.

I would love if you guys shared such humane experiences from an unknown person. We can only pay them back by appreciating and helping others. Let us all give some time to fellow citizens and make Bangalore a better place to live in.

Nikhil Navali

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