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Hike to Mt Pugh

A combination of pleasant and adventurous trail, encounters with flora and fauna with near panoramic views of surrounding mountains and valleys made this a fantastic hike. This one was on my bucket list since long. Finally when my Himalayan trek friend, Rajesh decided to visit me for Washington hikes, I finalized on this one since I was quite confident with his abilities. I read few trip reports which had mixed reviews on the intimidating trail. The forecast predicted a cloudy morning and intermittent clouds in the afternoon. I was both excited and apprehensive.

We started hiking around 9:30 AM and the first 3.5 miles was completely covered with trees with a gentle grade. We covered this part within 2 hours. We could see the green meadows on Stujack pass and lots of clouds. The wildflowers and birds on the meadows was a delight to watch. The trail from here on would go along a narrow exposed ridge followed by a scramble and a short hike to the summit. Whatever vertigo, scare of height the trip reports had mentioned, I didn’t feel it since it was so cloudy that I couldn’t see all the way to the bottom. I would have preferred the views instead of help from the clouds. Except for 1 or 2 tricky sections, the trail was quite ok and the scramble up was fine too. A hiker on the pass had tipped us that it would be ok (even if it looks intimidating) since the section was blasted with dynamites to make steps. The clouds were with us all the way to the summit. We had taken 3.5 hours to gain 5200 feet covering 5.5 miles. I was already thinking about coming back for the views but things started to look better. The summit section provided intermittent views of surroundings and we had nice time looking at the mountains and valleys around while having Pulao and Poha for lunch. I chose to wait for more time on summit in the hopes of clear weather but it didn’t get much better. So after 70 minutes we started to descend and from then on it was a complete blast with the views. Even though the summit was surrounded with clouds throughout, below sections were clear and we could see the mountains in the far all around. It was just breathtaking near panoramic view. I was so delighted looking at the windy river in the valley, snow capped mountains, jagged pointy peaks and suns rays blasting through the clouds. I captured some photoshperes on my phone and found some interesting campsites on the way. I think we took more time descending this section of the trail compared to going up. The ridge was completely clear now and I could see all the way to the bottom. The pass too provided with light winds and butterflies kind of led the way on the trail which was quite nice too. The final section was in the woods and pleasant as usual. Actually the weather helped us all along providing shade while going up and views while coming down. It was a fantastic day out.

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