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24 things to do when not in a relationship. A straight edger guy’s response.

I saw 2 posts today 23 things to do instead of getting married and 24 things, a response to it making rounds in facebook. I couldn’t relate myself to those, cuz its not time for me to marry yet and I am not a girl. I had read the post Typical story of 20 something IT guy a few months earlier and I thought why not come up with a list especially for those who had a break up.

It’s a crucial stage when a guy is in 20’s. He is just in the inchoate stage of his career and his love would have left him for some reason. Without indulging into harmful activities, one can make use of the whale of time available to be a better person.

Without much ado, here is my list of 24 things to do instead of rushing into another relationship.

1. Do a high altitude trekking, especially in Himalayas.

2. Attend random Meetups.

3. Camp with friends on a beach or a hill top.

4. Be voracious. Feast on local food, try different restaurants.

5. Learn to cook. Cooking

6. Learn a form of dance or martial art. Martial Art

7. Take part in races like NEF Enduro(India), Spartan Race(USA),etc.

8. Give a surprise special gift to a friend in your group and enjoy his/her reaction.

9. Get someone out of depression. Cheer

10. Dance like crazy in a group (Corporate parties, public events) Dance

11. Regularly play the sport you excelled in school/college.

12. Do a road trip. Ladakh, Sikkim, Bhutan, Rann of Kachchh, etc.

13. Spend the new year night at a beach in Goa.

14. Give something back to community/nature (Plant trees, teach kids, etc) Life partner

15. Take the exam which you always wanted to with extreme preparation. GRE, Civil Services, etc

16. Read novels.(Please not Ravinder or Nikita, try David Baldacci, Matthew Reilly) Reading

17. Do as many adventures as possible. Paragliding, Scuba diving, Rafting, etc

18. Plan and go for a self-sponsored family trip.

19. Code and release an app ( Play Store, App store, Marketplace)

20. Host or be a guest as a couchsurfer.

21. Experience hitchhiking. Hitchhiking

22. Travel, travel, travel, I cant stress enough. Travel

23. Share your experiences in a blog and read it later. Even better, write a viral post.

24. Once you are done with most of this, you will become more aware of life and have a clear idea about what you want in your life and don’t. Now go find a girl whose lifestyle matches yours.
Life partner

Then, sweep your girl off her feet by lifting her with your strong muscles or by feeding her that special dish you prepared or by taking her to a place which your friends haven’t yet posted in facebook or by teaching her the dance steps you learnt. The things you learn in 20 s are very important. Life is short and beautiful, so make it count. Rainbow

Let me know about your opinions in comments.

Nikhil Navali

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