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Uttarakhand, this one is for you

RunningWrath of nature is terrible. There are no specific warnings, no fixed course of destruction and none to blame for. Such a thing happened recently in Uttarakhand, India which took thousands of life and displaced around half a lakh. The fact that I had visited that place – just days before destruction – made me feel worse that I couldn’t come handy for the people there. Decathlon Sarjapur – backed by  Rotary club of Bangalore Lakeside –  organised a 5 km/10km fund raising run for helping the people affected in the Himalayan Tsunami in Uttarakhand. My Rupin trek friends invited me for it and I agreed cuz I had hardly given any work to my body since the trek(1 month ago). We, who were termed as “Rescue Runners”, got together at Decathlon Sarjapur at around 6.15 A.M. and started the run by 7 A.M. At the registration desk I had just signed for 10km without thinking much. Few dogs in a village spoiled my dreams of making my longest continuous run. Unlike last time I finished it without any major pain though few of us took a detour due to miscommunication. So, I guess I am ready for Half marathon (21km). I felt proud cuz this time my prayers for people of Uttarakhand were through this run. I stayed back for stretching exercises after the certificate collection. During Ab exercises I felt like my organs were dismantled and the back of my clothes had a darker shade once I was done with everything. ButtButt stretching exercise was a new thing which I learnt here. It was peaceful gazing the passing clouds lying down on the football field after the run. I hope for this peace for eternity.

Nikhil Navali

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